We made a book!
We took all the blogs, the emails, the SMS's, the comments, the journal entries, and of course every single photo... and compiled them into a single linear narrative. The result is spectacular.
Beyond being graphically dazzling β€” and it is certainly that β€” ours is, quite simply, the last book anyone will ever need. You can flip to any page and start reading randomly, or go cover-to-cover for the multi-threaded and intricately intertwined narrative story arcs. It’s got laughter and tears, drama and conflict, espionage, pathos, bloodletting, big-picture structure filled with immaculate minutiae, the wisdom of the ages invigorated by the primacy of youth β€” all wrapped up into a tidy butcher's bundle. Just stick it in the oven and voila!
We're in the printing phase now, and BeefStakes will be available here and through your local butcher shop in the near future. Stay tuned.