What follows is the official log as we were required to report it to Max, our judge. This log was only intermittently available for us to see, thus adding to the intrigue and subterfuge. And Max in his wisdom also allowed us to post entries to the log which remained invisible to our opponents even when others were apparent, thus adding to the intrigue and subterfuge. And of course, all this was completely independent of our blogs, thus adding to the intrigue and subterfuge. you get the idea.

Eric1/1/04 10:30113.4g / 4ozChipped Beef Omelet with shaved Gloucester cheese and scallions (from an Amish market in PA). How could the gentle Amish farmer know that 5 soft lbs of his product would pierce Alyosha's black heart like Excalibur?
Eric1/2/04 12:30226.8g / 8oz"Made a gigantic pig of myself in the food line at King's Buffet. Their Mongolian Beef had the texture of stir-fried shoe, but what the hell, it's for the glory."
Guy1/2/04 13:36170g / 6ozSteak Sandwich in a nice little Chelsea cafe
Guy1/2/04 17:5350g / 1.76ozBresaola
Guy1/3/04 12:5775g / 2.65ozSteak 'n' Kidney Pie positively oozing with bloody steaming goodness.
Eric1/3/04 17:30141.75g / 5oz"Barbecued Beef Sandwich from Hecky's in Evanston. Proprietor Hecky Powell boasts that his secret ""is the sauce"". Hey Hecky, I've got my own secret - By Dec 31, 2004, Guy will wish he'd been boiled down into sauce."
Eric1/4/04 11:3085.05g / 3oz"Corned Beef Hash from Walker Bros Pancake Restaurant. Not a good choice, I'm afraid. The meat was a bit raw. But my mouth will overflow with blood, if necessary, to take the prize."
Guy1/4/04 11:51300g / 10.58ozBradden's Roast Beast (I think he killed it himself)
Guy1/5/04 11:1775g / 2.65ozSteak 'n' Kidney Pie
Guy1/5/04 12:50400g / 14.11ozAngus mince. RAW. I ate it in 15 minutes standing at the kitchen counter. I just couldn't stop.
Eric1/5/04 18:30113.4g / 4oz"A reprise of my Amish Omelet. Too tired to conjure up any more inventive dish. But while I ate, I imagined that the bowl in which it was served was Guy's hollowed-out skull."
Guy1/5/04 20:3970g / 2.47ozmore bresaola
Guy1/5/04 23:4625g / 0.88ozmore bresaola again.
Guy1/6/04 11:0375g / 2.65ozSteak 'n' Kidney Pie. At least I think it was kidney.
Eric1/6/04 19:3070.87g / 2.5oz"1st half of a Philly cheesesteak from Philly's Best (Evanston). Apparently, the restaurant's chipsteak is imported directly from Philadelphia. I eat at least one every week. Alyosha will learn to fear this sandwich, before the year is over."
Guy1/6/04 19:47210g / 7.41oz"Beautiful rump steak, cooked fast and hot. I could still feel the pulsing heart of the great beast as I chewed."
Guy1/7/04 15:15180g / 6.35ozSarah's half of the rumpsteak. My wife is so good to me.
Eric1/8/04 12:00170.1g / 6oz"1 quarter pounder, 1 cheeseburger from McDonalds. Beef is from Brazil, where no cases of mad cow reported. Could it be that McDonalds is our new beef safe haven?"
Guy1/8/04 16:40113.4g / 4ozMmmmmm. Buuuurgerrrrrr.
Eric1/8/04 18:4570.87g / 2.5oz"2nd half of my Philly's Best cheesesteak. Tasted even better than the 1st half, as it dawned on me that I was 2 days closer to victory!"
Guy1/8/04 19:49226.8g / 8oz"Another pile of burgers. (I only planned to eat one, but y'know...)"
Guy1/9/04 16:23200g / 7.05ozAberdeen Angus. Sounds like a Scottish mobster. Raw. As it should be.
Guy1/9/04 20:00215g / 7.58ozA beautiful sirloin steak. Really just pink and brown... like nipples.
Guy1/9/04 23:13200g / 7.05ozEating raw meat as I make my log entry.
Eric1/10/04 9:0085.05g / 3ozScrambled eggs with chipped beef hit the spot. Even if the spot IS getting bigger from all this food.
Guy1/10/04 18:19131g / 4.62oz"Liver. Beef and cooked, not chicken and raw like Eric prefers."
Guy1/11/04 18:15190g / 6.7ozRendang-a-lang-a-ding-dong
Guy1/11/04 23:38200g / 7.05ozMidnight snack 20 minutes early.
Guy1/12/04 18:34100g / 3.53ozhamburger by the spoonful
Eric1/12/04 19:0085.05g / 3ozHebrew National Polish Sausages with Kraut and mustard.
Guy1/13/04 10:0875g / 2.65ozstiken kinny poi
Guy1/13/04 19:44214g / 7.55ozThere once was an Arthurian Knight named Sir Loin...
Eric1/13/04 19:4542.52g / 1.5oz"Polish with Kraut. I may soon switch to more identifiable sources of beef, as God knows what goes into a hotdog. I would suspect that Guy's inevitable report of my victory would be more gratifying to him if I were, by then, a prion-induced vegetable."
Guy1/14/04 17:34-0.2g / -0.01oz"I'm logging this one in negative grams, as a gift to Eric, because I'm gonna win anyway."
Guy1/14/04 21:51206g / 7.27oz"Retroactively logged veal. Forgot to log it, a recent audit reveals. Picture proof of consumption available."
Guy1/15/04 11:3575g / 2.65ozis pastrami beef?
Guy1/15/04 17:09299g / 10.55ozbeef dinner with my son. he loved it!
Guy1/15/04 21:0950g / 1.76ozbresaola
Guy1/16/04 13:3175g / 2.65ozenuva stiken kinney poi
Guy1/16/04 20:32400g / 14.11ozI do so love my wife. Eric is doomed.
Eric1/17/04 10:3085.05g / 3oz"Beef-injected omelet. It seemed REAL, unlike a lot of Alyosha's log entries."
Eric1/17/04 17:4756.7g / 2ozMeat pocket snack. I wrote a song for the banjo about lovingly laying Guy to rest inside a beef coffin.
Eric1/17/04 20:00198.45g / 7ozGigantic servings of Pepper Steak. My friends unwittingly served it for dinner.
Guy1/18/04 17:33330g / 11.64ozorganic expensive solid bloody and raw. yummers.
Eric1/18/04 19:00113.4g / 4oz"Teriyaki flavored jerky. mmmmmm. Looked and tasted a lot like Guy, if he'd died on top of a pile of mesquite out in the desert and cooked for a few days."
Guy1/19/04 16:1850g / 1.76oz"Bresaola (it's so easy, so easy, so yea-a-ah)"
Eric1/19/04 20:0156.7g / 2oz"Samina pointed out that the jerky has MSG and Nitrites; I'll be sticking to my own homemade supply from now on. Guy, got any spare calf meat?"
Guy1/20/04 12:34113.3g / 4oz"Quarterpounder with cheese. Eric let's agree on a standard estimation of the cooked weight of this delicacy, shall we? It was rancid by the way."
Eric1/20/04 18:48113.4g / 4ozBeef burrito and jerky dregs do not a regular bowel movement make.
Guy1/20/04 20:3660g / 2.12ozBeef yaki soba. Dinner with Melissa at Satsuma.
Eric1/21/04 12:0056.7g / 2ozIt's chili in here.
Guy1/21/04 12:22400g / 14.11ozschlurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrpppppp!
Guy1/21/04 22:02155g / 5.47oz"Rendang, Black Bean Sauce, Chinese New Years. It's the year of the monkey. Maybe tonight we should count grams of monkey meat consumed."
Guy1/22/04 12:58400g / 14.11ozIt's getting to be my regular lunch nowadays. Eric will be living the next year in a state of shame.
Guy1/22/04 13:5875g / 2.65ozAnother lunch. Busy food day.
Guy1/23/04 16:31225g / 7.94ozI charged lunch to my hotel room.
Eric1/23/04 16:33396.89g / 14ozChicken Fried Steak. I made it. I am so proud of myself.
Guy1/24/04 0:3675g / 2.65ozstiken kinney poi
Eric1/24/04 9:4585.05g / 3ozOmelet with plenty of the good stuff.
Guy1/24/04 13:59400g / 14.11ozLast lunch in the UK. The British make great beef.
Eric1/24/04 19:00113.4g / 4ozChicken Fried Steak Part II: Flanks of Fury
Eric1/25/04 11:06113.4g / 4ozSteak and Eggs for a Real Man!
Eric1/25/04 20:33226.8g / 8ozWang Dang Beef Panang!
Eric1/26/04 12:0056.7g / 2ozChili to warm my bones.
Guy1/26/04 12:4840g / 1.41oz"yellow curry. still tasted like avian flu, even though there was no chicken in it."
Eric1/26/04 20:3470.87g / 2.5ozstek sammich
Guy1/27/04 8:4460g / 2.12ozMore curry. It's something the Thai do well.
Guy1/28/04 8:48150g / 5.29oz"2 cheeseburgers. Even here, the tendrils of civilization extend."
Eric1/28/04 10:3885.05g / 3ozYou can't beat the Day Off Work Omelet Supremo.
Guy1/28/04 18:53250g / 8.82oz"Nice meat served up hot on the beach. Even if Eric does end up eating more beef than I (which he won't), I'll still be having more fun eating it, so ultimately it's a contest I really can't lose."
Guy1/29/04 8:59150g / 5.29ozAnother coupla burgers. Too easy.
Guy1/30/04 9:2275g / 2.65ozSandwich. British-style of course.
Eric1/30/04 20:27113.4g / 4oz"beef wrapped in some bread. i'm so excited, i fell out of my chair."
Guy1/31/04 9:23250g / 8.82ozNice steak to close out the month.
Eric1/31/04 11:2956.7g / 2oz"I'm getting sick of these omelets, but I will continue to eat them if necessary. Be warned!"
Eric1/31/04 22:19113.4g / 4ozBig ol burrito.
Eric2/2/04 20:44198.45g / 7ozBeef is literally coming out of my ass.
Guy2/3/04 9:2760g / 2.12ozAcid-hot curry. Gonna spray napalm out my ass tomorrow morning.
Eric2/3/04 19:18198.45g / 7oz"How do I love beef? Let me count the ways. Actually, I won't because that would give Guy competitive advantage."
Eric2/4/04 11:2928.35g / 1ozSupped on Beef Soup.
Eric2/5/04 20:19113.4g / 4ozFilet Mignon is so...Mignon. Especially when you dress it in dolly clothes.
Guy2/6/04 9:33110g / 3.88ozMcDonald's double cheeseburger in the Bangkok airport departure lounge. I love thai food.
Guy2/7/04 9:3580g / 2.82ozWelcome to Malaysia. Soy Sauce Beef.
Eric2/7/04 19:35198.45g / 7oz"Chicken Fried Steak w/ Okra, just like Mama used to make."
Guy2/7/04 21:39200g / 7.05ozthe real rendang at last.
Guy2/8/04 9:42200g / 7.05ozSizzling beef. We're staying in KL Chinatown.
Eric2/8/04 20:27354.37g / 12.5ozEric 1 Sirloin 0
Guy2/8/04 21:43200g / 7.05ozg'Dang rendang againg.
Guy2/9/04 9:46200g / 7.05oz"Another sizzling beef. The place is next door, and they have a highchair."
Eric2/9/04 22:00170.1g / 6oz"Late Evening Leftovers - Sirloin and Chicken Fried Steak. I will probably pay for this, but I've got a lot of catching up to do."
Guy2/10/04 0:54125g / 4.41ozroom service sirloin. blech.
Eric2/10/04 21:03396.89g / 14ozEye of the Round by the (nearly) Pound!
Eric2/11/04 20:59538.64g / 19oz"A belt-loosening bounty of barbecued beef (Mongolian). Unfortunately, I had this meal just before a work-related night meeting and surely reeked of grill smoke throughout the discussion."
Guy2/12/04 0:5530g / 1.06ozairport beef pie. blech blech.
Eric2/12/04 12:52141.75g / 5ozBig fat corned beef sandwich. Lunch seldom gets better than this.
Eric2/12/04 20:04198.45g / 7oz"Stroganoff-cut stir fry with mushrooms, courtesy of Laura's Lean Beef."
Eric2/13/04 7:51113.4g / 4ozLaura's Lean Beef II
Guy2/13/04 11:03112g / 3.95ozdeli-sliced roast beef
Eric2/13/04 22:16368.54g / 13ozSo much beef and broccoli I wanted to vomit.
Guy2/14/04 13:17200g / 7.05ozGorgeous and copious meat pie. Makes up for the airport crap from the day before.
Eric2/14/04 13:54141.75g / 5ozLeftover beef and broccoli didn't hurt at all. My stomach must have stretched a little.
Eric2/14/04 21:06226.8g / 8oz"Half a pound of ground round. I just joined a new gym closer to my house, so I can work off some of this cholesterol."
Guy2/14/04 21:4580g / 2.82oz"Some fried-up hamburger, that's all."
Eric2/15/04 11:50226.8g / 8oz"Southwestern beef omelet, hold the eggs."
Guy2/15/04 15:06300g / 10.58ozCoupla home-cooked Aussie steaks
Eric2/15/04 15:3685.05g / 3oz"I made beef sausage links for Samina. She hated them, so I finished her plate off."
Eric2/16/04 10:4985.05g / 3ozRemainder of sausage links from Sunday. Nothing starts a day off like breakfast beef.
Eric2/16/04 13:16170.1g / 6oz"Philly's Cheesesteak from the office cafeteria. At least the beef is authentic, even if the sandwich isn't."
Guy2/16/04 23:48150g / 5.29ozthe third steak in the package
Guy2/16/04 23:4979.6g / 2.81ozSome of kepler's leftovers
Eric2/17/04 12:0085.05g / 3ozBowl fulla chilli.
Eric2/17/04 21:18255.15g / 9ozA hemorrhagic volume of beef taco meat.
Guy2/17/04 23:49150g / 5.29oz"meant to eat it raw, then cooked it instead"
Eric2/18/04 13:40141.75g / 5oz"Leftover taco meat for lunch, served on crackers, eaten delicately with an extended pinkie."
Guy2/18/04 13:44100g / 3.53ozmore mince. what's good for my son is good for me.
Guy2/18/04 19:48120g / 4.23ozNew Zealand Tenderloin
Eric2/18/04 20:18283.5g / 10oz"New York Strip Steak, pan-seared with herbed sea salt. It tasted so good that I almost had to punch a hole in the wall with my free hand. But I didn't because this is a dignified undertaking."
Guy2/18/04 23:44250g / 8.82ozAussie meat this time. Veal.
Eric2/19/04 13:5985.05g / 3oz"Good old corned beef on rye. A lunch-time standard, increasingly so in 2004."
Guy2/19/04 15:46400g / 14.11ozPadang foodcourt lunch.
Eric2/19/04 19:00170.1g / 6oz"Sirloin and salad. Hey, isn't this the South Beach Diet?"
Guy2/20/04 11:04140g / 4.94ozBeef steak at a chinatown foodcourt
Eric2/20/04 12:59453.59g / 16oz"Mongolian Beef, all you can eat. And I did."
Guy2/20/04 13:04200g / 7.05ozMore and more rendang. Dang I like rendang!
Guy2/20/04 18:36288g / 10.16ozNice slab of Aussie meat. Sorta shaped like vermont.
Eric2/21/04 9:52170.1g / 6ozRibeye Steak from Laura's Lean Beef (TM) and Free-Range Eggs.
Guy2/21/04 18:14255g / 8.99oz"Barely fit in the pan. Topside, they call it."
Guy2/22/04 11:22200g / 7.05oz"sorry for the monotony of rendang, but when in rome (or singapore...)"
Eric2/22/04 13:41198.45g / 7oz"Meat and potatoes, the quintessential American meal."
Eric2/22/04 20:18226.8g / 8ozbig ole pile o' taco meat.
Guy2/23/04 11:4075g / 2.65oz"pastrami sandwich. dull, i know."
Eric2/23/04 13:11219.71g / 7.75ozLeftover taco meat at the office. Couldn't find any crackers. Blah.
Guy2/23/04 17:4086g / 3.03ozWhen is rendang not rendang? When it's Burger King rendang. Really really.
Eric2/23/04 19:55184.27g / 6.5oz"Brown cubed steak in brown sauce, served with a brown dinner roll. Can't you tell how excited I am?"
Guy2/23/04 21:16340g / 11.99ozBlack angus prime rib and a real Texas delight.
Eric2/24/04 6:44181.44g / 6.4ozCubed steak for breakfast. Mom and Dad wouldn't understand.
Guy2/24/04 11:21250g / 8.82ozbf rndng. m wrtng wtht vwls n hp tht ts smhw lss mntns.
Guy2/24/04 12:0070g / 2.47ozchinese beef noodles soup
Guy2/24/04 15:00308g / 10.86ozDeli-sliced roast beast measured with digital precision.
Eric2/25/04 0:53170.1g / 6ozShared my ribeye with Samina. Sharing is caring.
Guy2/25/04 11:1375g / 2.65ozleftovers from kepler's lunch
Eric2/25/04 12:07127.57g / 4.5ozBeef Sandwich crafted in the manner of a Dagwood.
Guy2/25/04 17:13285g / 10.05ozBeef skewers in what was once a convent.
Eric2/25/04 19:53198.45g / 7oz"Steak Salad with the ""Works"""
Eric2/26/04 12:54141.75g / 5oz"Big Beef Sandwich at Conference on Religious Land Uses and Zoning. The sandwich, at least, was a spiritual experience."
Guy2/26/04 13:08270g / 9.52ozTwo count em two sirloin steaks in a bizarre swiss theme-staurant
Eric2/26/04 19:55314.68g / 11.1ozA beefy work of art soon to be displayed on my blog. Come and see!
Guy2/26/04 21:09301g / 10.62oz"Big ole pile of taco meat, as my opponent calls it. I just call it meat. There was no taco."
Guy2/27/04 11:53200g / 7.05oz"Triple rendang, as much meat as I used to get with a double. Maybe she doesn't like me anymore."
Eric2/27/04 12:11226.8g / 8ozA Double Burger Doubles the Pleasure.
Guy2/27/04 13:5422g / 0.78ozBeef jerky. Point-of-purchase.
Guy2/27/04 20:54340g / 11.99oz3/4# slab prime rib. No potato.
Guy2/27/04 21:34227g / 8.01oz1/2# prime rib. no potato.
Eric2/27/04 22:28453.59g / 16oz"Exactly one pound of sirloin, eaten with fingers. Me like."
Eric2/28/04 9:33212.62g / 7.5oz"Leftover sirloin, eaten again like a savage."
Eric2/28/04 14:00170.1g / 6ozSamina dragged me to a baby shower. Boy was I glad I went! 6 ounces (guesstimated) of spiced beef delivered to my stomach over and over and over again by these cute little sandwiches.
Guy2/28/04 21:52453.6g / 16ozThe Biggest Steak They Serve
Guy2/28/04 21:53255.1g / 9ozA follow-up sirloin for good measure
Guy2/29/04 14:01341g / 12.03ozLeapday flank steak.
Eric2/29/04 19:13453.59g / 16oz"I made a delicious roast. First time since we started this contest. It was tough to accomplish, but I tucked away exactly 16 oz of this tender beauty."
Guy3/1/04 0:00454g / 16.01oz"Nice piece of meat. Black Angus steakhouse, Singapore."
Guy3/1/04 11:5475g / 2.65ozThey swore it was beef. It was clearly meat. It seemed like an organ of some kind. They didn't really speak english. There wasn't much of it anyway.
Eric3/1/04 12:09226.8g / 8oz"Leftover beef roast followed by Girl Scout Cookies. All in all, a well balanced meal."
Eric3/1/04 19:56226.8g / 8ozRustled up some burger meat.
Guy3/2/04 0:00454g / 16.01ozLast night in Sinagpore. What's a carnivore to do?
Guy3/2/04 11:30206g / 7.27ozRoast Beef. It actually said Moo to me. Creepy.
Eric3/2/04 12:15178.6g / 6.3ozGrroounnnddd Beef.
Eric3/2/04 20:17147.42g / 5.2oz"A nice cube steak with leftover homemade barbecue sauce. Damn, I'm resourceful."
Guy3/3/04 10:48100g / 3.53oz"Beef jerky in the air over the indian ocean. If I hadn't eaten it, the Aussie quarantine copes would have taken it away."
Eric3/3/04 12:00184.27g / 6.5oz"I asked for a Reuben, ""double up the meat"". Did he ever. I asked how much I had, he said ""oh, 6 or 7 oz."" I split the difference."
Guy3/3/04 17:47225g / 7.94ozSteak on the beach at sunset. I can't lose.
Eric3/3/04 20:10277.83g / 9.8oz"10.5 oz second-rate sirloin minus 0.7 oz chewed up, spat out gristle. Some things are best left on the plate."
Guy3/4/04 0:00225g / 7.94ozNice steak... same as yesterday's so no surprise there.
Guy3/4/04 0:00160g / 5.64ozOne good poi deserves another
Guy3/4/04 0:00400g / 14.11ozTexas in Perth. Perth in Australia.
Guy3/4/04 11:46200g / 7.05ozA beautiful meat pie. I love this country for its pies if nothing (and everything) else.
Eric3/4/04 12:53425.24g / 15oz"Ming's Chinese Buffet Beef Lunch. I'm trying not to overdo it, because I have to save some room for tonight."
Eric3/4/04 20:27181.44g / 6.4ozBroiled sirloin for dinner. A preview to my Birthday Steak Experience at Gibson's conveniently scheduled for Saturday.
Guy3/5/04 0:00336g / 11.85oz2 steaks for the price of one. The Ellings will verify.
Guy3/5/04 10:4545g / 1.59oz"Biltong sticks. That's what they call beef jerky in South Africa, apparently."
Eric3/5/04 12:55170.1g / 6oz"Gigantic beef burrito, purchased entirely with spare change (some borrowed). The things I do for beef."
Eric3/5/04 23:56365.71g / 12.9oz"Porterhouse Steak, my first this year. So good, I'm gonna get me some more."
Guy3/6/04 0:00300g / 10.58ozJazz and red meat go very well together.
Guy3/6/04 11:4562g / 2.19ozPie in the park without the Ellings
Eric3/6/04 20:31198.45g / 7oz"Mass quantities of beef panang. I considered filtering out everything but the beef, but my dinner companions would have thought that a little odd."
Guy3/7/04 0:00400g / 14.11ozA taste of Texas II
Guy3/7/04 11:43100g / 3.53ozBeef jerky bought from the beef jerker's own mother. Now that's special. Gave me pretty bad gas actually.
Guy3/7/04 11:4462g / 2.19ozPie in the park with the Ellings.
Eric3/7/04 12:3485.05g / 3oz"Shit on a Shingle, as my Dad used to call it."
Eric3/7/04 22:09184.27g / 6.5oz"Flank Steak. It shriveled in the broiler, so although it tasted great, I felt a little cheated."
Eric3/8/04 12:10221.13g / 7.8oz2 McDonalds DoubleCheeseburgers. McDonalds is not forthcoming about post-cooked weight; I based it on Guy's BK Double Cheese.
Guy3/8/04 17:41400g / 14.11oz"The steakhouse actually advrtised this as a Texas-sized steak. It was way smaller than Texas, though."
Eric3/8/04 22:13212.62g / 7.5ozThin-cut porterhouse. Didn't know such a thing existed. But it tasted just fine.
Guy3/9/04 0:00336g / 11.85ozAnother Belgian beefathon with the Ellings
Eric3/9/04 12:47198.45g / 7oz"I awoke to the savory smell of crock-pot beef roast. This was for tonight's dinner, but I couldn't help myself, and stole a big hunk for lunch."
Guy3/9/04 13:40200g / 7.05ozPorterhouse w/Jennifer Sarah Kepler and Greg. I was the only one eating. What a pig.
Eric3/9/04 19:48396.89g / 14ozI was surprised how tender my crock-pot beef had become by dinner time. It was so tender that I was able to eat more.
Guy3/10/04 0:00120g / 4.23ozSteak sandwich on the way home from a steakhouse.
Eric3/10/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozOver-stuffed corned beef on rye for lunch. Quite good. Entirely secret.
Guy3/10/04 0:00400g / 14.11ozT-bone lunch
Eric3/10/04 1:00184.27g / 6.5oz"Later in the evening, I publicly logged in only part of my beef roast meal."
Eric3/10/04 19:39206.95g / 7.3ozMy wife has finally warmed up to my beef. She's had a rather large amount of the chuck roast I made 2 nights ago. Less for me. But I know where to get more.
Guy3/10/04 20:30225g / 7.94oz"Sirloin steak at a fancy hotel restaurant. Not so big, not so bad, whatever. Meat is meat."
Eric3/11/04 0:00172.93g / 6.1oz"My lunch today, the remainder of my beef roast, was quite good, and quite secret."
Guy3/11/04 0:00270g / 9.52oz"Just another big juicy steak. They never get boring, do they?"
Guy3/11/04 10:5262g / 2.19ozPepper steak pie in the Perth airport
Eric3/11/04 19:22351.53g / 12.4oz2nd Crock Pot Roast in a Week. I'm getting good at crock potting.
Guy3/11/04 20:52325g / 11.46ozBondi beef. A t-bone in this case.
Eric3/12/04 0:00178.6g / 6.3ozMore of the same. Only better (thanks to Samina's addition of morels and shallots).
Guy3/12/04 14:13170g / 6ozburger at a fish place. who'd'a guessed?
Guy3/12/04 21:16325g / 11.46ozt-bone in bondi again. good is worth repeating.
Eric3/12/04 23:04334.52g / 11.8ozHomemade cheese steaks without bread. Ate half of Samina's portion as well. Salad for roughage. Washed down with a diet pepsi.
Guy3/13/04 0:00192g / 6.77oz"Luscious, bleeding flesh."
Guy3/13/04 0:0050g / 1.76oz"It's just a steak pie, she said."
Eric3/13/04 0:00153.09g / 5.4oz"Leftover cheese steak from last night. Samina complained, at dinner, that the meat tasted old, and so I had more for myself."
Guy3/13/04 11:40120g / 4.23ozA beautiful high-end steak pie
Guy3/13/04 21:43300g / 10.58ozThe best rendang ever
Eric3/13/04 23:31311.84g / 11ozStir fry beef with my unsuspecting mother-in-law. And why would I tell her? Is it even remotely possible that she would believe me? Not a chance.
Eric3/14/04 0:00119.07g / 4.2oz"We made crock pot roast for our friends' party. I sneaked a little this morning, as a pre-party snack."
Guy3/14/04 0:00130g / 4.59ozAquarium Cafe meat pie.
Guy3/14/04 0:00200g / 7.05ozThey call it Siverside.
Guy3/14/04 0:00142g / 5.01ozA steak sandwich at a foofy Maritime Museum cafe.
Guy3/14/04 11:4675g / 2.65ozHarry's Cafe de Wheels
Guy3/14/04 21:49192g / 6.77ozGorgeous home-cooked beef fillet
Eric3/14/04 23:35283.5g / 10oz"On one of Samina's ""golden weekends"" (free from residency work-hours), we spent our free Sunday on a whirlwind of social visits. 3 parties, each of which offered some measure of beef (about 10 oz total)."
Eric3/15/04 0:00113.4g / 4oz"I've been in a cheese steak mood recently. Lunch (from the cafeteria) at only 4 oz of meat, barely satisfied this craving."
Guy3/15/04 0:00120g / 4.23oz"This is the ""after pie"" after the ""pie after pie..."""
Guy3/15/04 11:3085g / 3ozAbsolutely revolting disgusting nearly unedible steak and eggs.
Guy3/15/04 17:37300g / 10.58ozNice Scotch steak. What's the difference between Scotch and Scottish?
Eric3/15/04 21:05334.52g / 11.8oz"Samina had a small bite of my 12 oz sirloin, so I'm calling it 11.8 oz."
Eric3/16/04 0:00141.75g / 5ozNo time to weigh these leftovers. Just a conservative guess.
Guy3/16/04 0:00250g / 8.82oz"Hotel food with Jennifer... followed by reality TV, of course."
Guy3/16/04 0:00300g / 10.58ozRendang. Dang.
Guy3/16/04 11:42120g / 4.23ozStike Poi
Guy3/16/04 14:48425g / 14.99ozA steak overlooking the opera house
Eric3/16/04 19:00351.53g / 12.4oz"Porterhouse specially selected for its age (and price). A little grey, but plenty good."
Eric3/17/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozCrock-pot meat. Can't tell how much (it's infused with liquid). Guesstimated.
Guy3/17/04 11:39120g / 4.23ozArchibald.
Eric3/17/04 19:01221.13g / 7.8oz"Dinner was kinda pathetic. A small porterhouse, once I took all the bone off. But I'm not going to quit over it."
Guy3/18/04 0:00270g / 9.52oz"Quick, and not very tasty, snack steak."
Eric3/18/04 0:00158.76g / 5.6oz"More of the same but this time, I pulled it out, drained it, and dropped a couple tenths of an ounce for good measure."
Guy3/18/04 10:43490g / 17.28ozGlebe Quality Meats lends a helping hand
Guy3/18/04 17:4750g / 1.76ozLeftover lasagna. Somebody had to step in and finish the thing.
Eric3/18/04 21:4870.87g / 2.5ozTurns out the Philly's Best Steak sandwich contains only 5 oz total meat. I stand corrected. So does my log.
Eric3/19/04 0:00226.8g / 8ozToo much effort to get an exact weight again (crock pot beef with noodles). Another conservative guesstimation.
Guy3/19/04 0:00100g / 3.53ozSpicy-ass Thai beef salad. Spicy ass tomorrow no doubt as well.
Guy3/19/04 13:51270g / 9.52ozReplacing lost nutrients. You gotta refuel sometime.
Eric3/19/04 22:56368.54g / 13oz"Top of sirloin smothered in melted blue cheese. I have died, gone to heaven, and come back to brag about it."
Eric3/20/04 0:00212.62g / 7.5oz"More noodles and beef. Seemed slightly less than yesterdays, so I shaved off a half-ounce."
Guy3/20/04 9:5423g / 0.81ozThe *worst* pie I've ever had. And I've eaten pies at Aussie Rules Footy stadia.
Guy3/20/04 18:56400g / 14.11ozBaby rump. How can I see that on a menu and not order it?
Guy3/20/04 18:58100g / 3.53ozCatherine couldn't keep up. I did what I could to help.
Eric3/20/04 23:35357.2g / 12.6ozA reprise of last night's steak and salad.
Guy3/21/04 0:00300g / 10.58oz"Gorgeous raw beef. Ate it before I'd gotten a single block away. Should've gone back for more, eh?"
Guy3/21/04 0:00400g / 14.11oz"Glebe quality meats strikes again. Raw, red, beautiful."
Guy3/21/04 12:0060g / 2.12ozPie. Ho hum.
Eric3/21/04 13:03246.64g / 8.7oz3 times a charm: sirloin topped with melted blue cheese.
Guy3/21/04 14:02225g / 7.94ozThis roast beef really did me in. I feel like I'm turning into one myself.
Eric3/22/04 0:00189.94g / 6.7oz"Beef and bean from the crock pot. This was a less viscous broth, so I was able to wring it out for weighing."
Guy3/22/04 0:00300g / 10.58oz"Raw beef to go, please. I'll eat it on the way home."
Guy3/22/04 0:00250g / 8.82oz"NOT RENDANG. Semur Daging instead. Rendang is better, though."
Guy3/22/04 14:56270g / 9.52ozWagyu. Weally.
Eric3/22/04 21:08277.83g / 9.8oz"Chuck Rib Blade Roast, or something like that. One of these days, I gotta get a meat chart."
Eric3/23/04 0:00170.1g / 6oz"Beef and bean boiled down, had to guess weight."
Guy3/23/04 11:22400g / 14.11ozThe sphincter has spoken.
Eric3/23/04 22:58323.18g / 11.4ozLate Night London Broil.
Eric3/24/04 0:00351.53g / 12.4ozCrock-potted sirloin steak.
Eric3/24/04 14:06462.1g / 16.3oz"This chuck threatened to become upchuck, it was that bad."
Guy3/24/04 14:22175g / 6.17ozPie a la plage
Guy3/25/04 0:00360g / 12.7ozRump steak. The restaurant had a red sign. I couldn't get it out of my head.
Eric3/25/04 0:00170.1g / 6oz"Corned beef, ""double-meat""."
Guy3/25/04 11:2050g / 1.76oz"Airplane food. I use both terms loosely, since we were flying Virgin Blue."
Eric3/25/04 14:0785.05g / 3ozShit on a Shingle. I enjoyed cooking and eating this. And IÕm not ashamed to admit it.
Guy3/25/04 18:19100g / 3.53ozJerky. Looking for a scuba solution.
Guy3/26/04 0:00350g / 12.35oz"Prime rib, over cooked, bad service, left the potato, left no gratuity either."
Guy3/26/04 13:4857g / 2.01ozWhat brand of pie is this?
Eric3/26/04 14:20351.53g / 12.4ozI brought my own sirloin dinner to the in-laws. After they had cooked. Kinda hard to explain to them. But I tried.
Guy3/26/04 14:49360g / 12.7ozWang and chips
Guy3/27/04 0:00360g / 12.7ozForgot to mention: I had not one but two steaks for dinner tonight. Sorry. Won't happen again.
Guy3/27/04 0:00142g / 5.01oz"Steak sandwich by the sea, up at trinity beach"
Eric3/27/04 14:21317.51g / 11.2oz"Same story as last night. Slightly harder to explain. But this is a beef challenge, not a beefwalk."
Guy3/27/04 21:49360g / 12.7ozhunka hunka rare rare meat
Guy3/28/04 0:00113g / 3.99oz"Fast food steak burger. Nothing very special. Except for the beef, of course."
Guy3/28/04 9:50142g / 5.01ozSteak'n'eggs. It's not just for supper anymore.
Eric3/28/04 14:22337.36g / 11.9ozScraps. They leaveth. I taketh.
Guy3/28/04 21:52360g / 12.7oz"Moo, she said."
Guy3/29/04 0:00100g / 3.53ozActual beef laksa. So there is a God after all... and a thinking God at that!
Guy3/29/04 0:00360g / 12.7oz"Like a vampire prowling in the night, I was powerless to stop this meal from happening."
Guy3/29/04 10:0075g / 2.65ozDiseased Vagina Sandwich
Eric3/29/04 14:28226.8g / 8oz"Big Sandwich. I canÕt believe how much meat was in this thing. Kudos to the inspired, generous chef."
Eric3/29/04 14:30226.8g / 8ozLaredo steak for dinner with Cactus Butter. I felt like I was in Texas. Not.
Guy3/29/04 20:07284g / 10.02ozAmerican 50's-style steak.
Eric3/30/04 0:00141.75g / 5oz"This menu item was called the ""monster roast beef"". It wasn't nearly."
Guy3/30/04 0:00340g / 11.99ozThey said it was all-you-can-eat. They lied.
Eric3/30/04 14:29226.8g / 8oz"The menu offered too many good choices. But, when in doubt, order beef (Steak Fajitas)."
Guy3/30/04 19:13400g / 14.11ozRump Steak. Like to call it that makes it more appetizing or something.
Eric3/31/04 0:00113.4g / 4oz"Puny burrito, beef was skimped. And watery. Casa de Samuel, goodbye forever."
Guy3/31/04 12:19142g / 5.01oz"Samdwiches on a beautiful sailboat atop crystal green water. ""Help yourself,"" he said."
Eric3/31/04 14:30394.06g / 13.9ozMole steak. Steak mole. Nice to meat you.
Guy3/31/04 21:21360g / 12.7oz"DIE, she said."
Guy4/1/04 0:00300g / 10.58ozMeat. Cheese. Keeping it simple.
Guy4/1/04 10:37200g / 7.05oz"Welcome to the 2nd quarter. Start your month with a couple pies, why dontcha."
Eric4/1/04 14:31141.75g / 5ozShitty Chinese Takeout. Blech blech blech. There may have even been some pork in the rice.
Guy4/1/04 20:43360g / 12.7ozPorterhouse and a New Book.
Guy4/2/04 0:00100g / 3.53ozBeef jerky on board the Taka II. Down the hatch.
Eric4/2/04 0:00252.31g / 8.9ozMy wife's leftover steak and mole.
Guy4/2/04 0:0076g / 2.68ozTrial run: roast beef to bring on the dive boat.
Guy4/2/04 17:51204g / 7.2oz"Sliced German Veal, consumed at sea."
Guy4/3/04 0:00160g / 5.64ozMore jerky. After the night dive.
Guy4/3/04 11:55245g / 8.64ozCold cuts and Pies aboard the Taka
Eric4/3/04 12:35263.65g / 9.3ozround steak with sauerkraut and mustard.
Eric4/3/04 20:5145.08g / 1.59oz2 Best's Kosher All-Beef Hot Dogs at a Bulls Game. Kinda appropos.
Guy4/4/04 11:02150g / 5.29ozLasagna Lunch. Followed by a delicious but unloggable lamb dinner.
Eric4/4/04 11:51226.8g / 8ozChicken Fried Steak for brunch.
Eric4/5/04 0:00272.16g / 9.6oz"Leftover round steak, sauerkraut and mustard."
Guy4/5/04 12:08545g / 19.22oz8x50g +3x15g + 100g = yum.
Guy4/5/04 20:1250g / 1.76ozlasagna. just a little bit.
Eric4/5/04 22:27462.1g / 16.3ozLondon Broil with my own secret recipe marinade. It gave me indigestion.
Eric4/6/04 0:00113.4g / 4ozRegular-sized Reuben.
Guy4/6/04 0:00405g / 14.29ozBack on land. Gotta scarf up some beef.
Guy4/6/04 17:15200g / 7.05oz"Back on land, let's eat some beef."
Eric4/6/04 22:13382.72g / 13.5oz"New York Strip Steak, pink as a fuzzy bunny inside. And just as tasty going down."
Guy4/7/04 0:00250g / 8.82oz"Very tasty roast, carved with an electric knife."
Eric4/7/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozGenerously meated beef panini.
Guy4/7/04 20:24284g / 10.02ozSweet 16 bday party woo hoo
Eric4/7/04 21:38113.4g / 4ozA pitiful little beef and onion pie.
Guy4/8/04 18:59300g / 10.58ozRendang. Duh.
Eric4/8/04 20:30294.84g / 10.4oz"Steak, cubed, cheesed."
Guy4/9/04 0:00100g / 3.53ozMy jaws are getting tired of all this Jerky.
Guy4/9/04 11:30124g / 4.37oz"Pies at the zoo. I never get tired of hearing how much I love meat pies, do you?"
Eric4/9/04 12:26226.8g / 8ozDouble order of Pepper Steak at a local Chinese dive
Eric4/9/04 20:27263.65g / 9.3oz"Steak, cubed, cheesed, again."
Guy4/9/04 20:33162g / 5.71oz"A ""New York"" burger. Yeah right."
Guy4/10/04 0:00300g / 10.58ozGlebe Quality meats strikes again. Again.
Eric4/10/04 12:23189.94g / 6.7ozMore cubed steak.
Eric4/10/04 17:24371.38g / 13.1oz"Ribeye for pre-party dinner, anticipating no beef at the party."
Guy4/10/04 17:39204g / 7.2ozI ate the Easter Bunny. Turns out he's made of beef.
Eric4/10/04 21:25255.15g / 9ozNo beef at the party? WRONG! Our host served us gobs of marinated beef brisket and matzo ball soup. Thank God for Passover.
Guy4/11/04 0:00270g / 9.52ozEaster excess
Eric4/11/04 12:28396.89g / 14ozThis weekend is full of surprises. Turns out the punjabi burritos (my father-in-law told me were lamb) were actually BEEF! See my blog for details. My earlier correction stands corrected.
Guy4/11/04 12:44270g / 9.52ozEaster Lunch. Not an egg in sight.
Guy4/12/04 0:0075g / 2.65ozSteak and pea pie. Yummy.
Eric4/12/04 0:00226.8g / 8ozCorned beef monster. Double the meat.
Guy4/12/04 10:4995g / 3.35oz95% of the last bag of beef jerky I'm gonna eat for a while.
Guy4/12/04 12:57100g / 3.53ozSteak and Kidney Pie. I could havemy pie and eat it too. Isn't that great?
Guy4/12/04 20:01270g / 9.52ozFour Star Room Service Porterhouse. Could life get any sweeter? Yes. Yes it could.
Eric4/12/04 22:28377.05g / 13.3ozRibeye: a fine beefy victual.
Guy4/13/04 0:00100g / 3.53ozA disappointing wrap. And a dead body on the road.
Eric4/13/04 0:00348.7g / 12.3ozEnough round steak to choke a chicken.
Guy4/13/04 10:04328g / 11.57ozEric to my knowledge hasn't eaten any raw meat yet this year. His loss.
Eric4/13/04 19:12113.4g / 4ozA Corned Beef Sandwich was all my stomach could take today.
Guy4/14/04 0:00270g / 9.52ozPorterhouse in a small town.
Eric4/14/04 0:00226.8g / 8ozReuben - double meat.
Eric4/14/04 12:24170.1g / 6ozTaco Platter. I discarded most of the nachos.
Guy4/14/04 14:10221g / 7.8oztwo Macas double cheese... weight based upon eric's identical meal a while back.
Eric4/14/04 19:13255.15g / 9oz"Dear Guy: Do not try Skirt Steak. It's horrible. The worst. I repeat. Do not try Skirt Steak. Love, Your Concerned Friend"
Eric4/15/04 0:00170.1g / 6oz"Shitty, watery steak fajitas from Case de Samuel. I swore I'd never go back. I did. This was my punishment."
Eric4/15/04 18:59283.5g / 10ozA little of this and a little of that. It all adds up.
Guy4/15/04 19:16500g / 17.64ozSteak Bank. Blappo!
Guy4/16/04 11:5035g / 1.23ozSmall brisket sandwich. Blippo!
Guy4/16/04 19:22200g / 7.05ozBrisket and some soup meat. And challah and matzoh-ball soup. Yup.
Eric4/16/04 23:01255.15g / 9oz"Double Burger and Polish, a visually awe-inspiring 2-punch combo."
Guy4/17/04 0:00125g / 4.41ozBrisket leftovers at Morry's
Guy4/17/04 11:23366g / 12.91ozDouble-minced raw glory. This is living.
Eric4/17/04 23:04198.45g / 7oz2 meat rolls from the Punjab. A visually awe-inspiring 2-punch combo.
Guy4/18/04 0:00225g / 7.94ozWarmup for Puffing Billy
Guy4/18/04 20:36400g / 14.11ozSteak at a pizza place? Incredible!
Eric4/18/04 23:05226.8g / 8ozA double-meat Reuben. A visually awe-inspiring two-punch combo.
Eric4/19/04 0:00113.4g / 4ozRegular Reuben.
Guy4/19/04 0:00190g / 6.7ozHooray for kosher meat!
Guy4/19/04 13:37202g / 7.13ozCentleigh Meats strikes again!
Eric4/19/04 23:06170.1g / 6ozMy first taste of frozen Philly Cheesesteak. Aren't you glad I didn't mention the visually awe-inspiring two-punch combo?
Guy4/20/04 0:00125g / 4.41ozBrisket for brekky
Eric4/20/04 0:00113.4g / 4ozCheeseburger from the deli.
Guy4/20/04 19:42441g / 15.56oz"Huge piece of a huge ""beef bole"". Whatever else that may be, it's also delicious."
Eric4/20/04 23:08229.63g / 8.1ozMore Philly Cheesesteak.
Eric4/21/04 0:00229.63g / 8.1ozSteak sandwich for breakfast then corned beef for lunch.
Guy4/21/04 8:5440g / 1.41oza very disappointing beef pot pie. tut tut.
Eric4/21/04 23:09223.96g / 7.9ozStill more Philly Cheesesteak. I don't get tired of this stuff.
Guy4/22/04 0:00270g / 9.52ozGood beef from Woolworth's. Go figure.
Guy4/22/04 18:56175g / 6.17oz70% beef sausages. I wonder what's in the other 30%?
Eric4/22/04 23:10276.41g / 9.75oz"Corn dog and a gigantic steak burrito. I have to admit, it was a visually awe-inspiring two-punch combo."
Eric4/23/04 11:16170.1g / 6ozHomemade steak sandwich meat in anticipation of a long plane ride to PA.
Guy4/23/04 11:41100g / 3.53ozSadly wanting steak sandwich on white toast with iceberg lettuce.
Guy4/23/04 12:08240g / 8.47oz"South Australian Smoked Beef, like a big tasty tongue"
Eric4/23/04 12:48172.93g / 6.1oz"You guessed it: Philly Cheesesteak. And yes, with its melted cheese, it was a visually awe-inspiring two-punch combo."
Guy4/23/04 14:07270g / 9.52oz"Porterhouse steak. Yes, porterhouse steak. I said porterhouse steak. Yes, porterhouse steak."
Guy4/24/04 0:00320g / 11.29ozSmoked beef eaten almost as an afterthought. It's just so good.
Guy4/24/04 13:13400g / 14.11ozSatay and then rendang at an outdoor market full of homecooked indonesian food. Excellent.
Eric4/24/04 13:17198.45g / 7oz"BigAss Burger, bloody rare and slathered in blue cheese."
Eric4/24/04 21:20538.64g / 19ozPorterhouse cooked to my specs. But not nearly enough of it.
Guy4/25/04 0:00225g / 7.94ozA hot steak on an even hotter day.
Guy4/25/04 0:00200g / 7.05ozA postprandial steak. Gotta keep at it.
Guy4/25/04 10:38200g / 7.05ozSalted and peppered porterhouse.
Eric4/25/04 11:21255.15g / 9ozButt steak and eggs with Max and Andreia.
Guy4/26/04 0:0050g / 1.76ozAn extra pie for breakfast. You never know where your next pie is gonna come from.
Guy4/26/04 0:00100g / 3.53ozA burger in the middle of Jabiru
Guy4/26/04 9:3250g / 1.76ozSteak Pie with *vegetables* in it. Horrible breakfast surprise.
Guy4/26/04 20:13320g / 11.29ozA very moral t-bone. I did the right thing.
Eric4/26/04 20:22198.45g / 7ozAnother bigass blue cheese burger.
Eric4/27/04 11:25198.45g / 7oz"God help me, I had another bigass blue cheese burger."
Guy4/27/04 12:15110g / 3.88ozSteakburger at Maysie's
Guy4/27/04 19:17310g / 10.93ozthe final t-bone of my 34th year. what a melancholy moment
Eric4/27/04 21:26283.5g / 10ozAll kinds of Turkish beef delights for dinner with Andreia.
Guy4/28/04 9:17227g / 8.01oz"Double-steak and eggs birthday breakfast. Horrendous, acutally. Welcome to 35."
Guy4/28/04 12:1985g / 3ozpitiful steak sandwich birthday lunch. I pitied it so much I ate it.
Guy4/28/04 18:59370g / 13.05ozan extra larger-than-normal and very gorgeous t-bone... it's my birthday after all.
Guy4/28/04 20:20370g / 13.05ozgorgeous t-bone birthday dinner. 35 isn't so bad after all.
Eric4/28/04 23:28141.75g / 5oz"If you guessed I had a big ass blue cheese burger for lunch, you'd a guessed wrong. I had a bigass steak burrito."
Eric4/29/04 13:29113.4g / 4ozI ate mouthful after mouthful of Amish dried beef as I vacuum-packed it for my journey back to Chicago.
Guy4/29/04 19:21329g / 11.61ozCoupla' porterhouses. Blah blah.
Eric4/29/04 23:3156.7g / 2ozSalad with dried beef and vinaigrette. A good salty kick to an otherwise tangy meal.
Guy4/30/04 0:00620g / 21.87ozStike poi agin.
Guy4/30/04 18:59400g / 14.11ozRussian roast on the eve of May Day. Long live the proles!
Eric4/30/04 19:33340.19g / 12ozMy dad loaded me up with filet. He's a good dad.
Guy5/1/04 0:00450g / 15.87oz"10% off the house specialty, which was meat. Sweet."
Guy5/1/04 11:24304g / 10.72ozSmoked South Australian Beef. Delightful.
Eric5/1/04 19:36226.8g / 8ozMarinated skirt steak at my parents' favorite Mexican restaurant in PA. They really need to visit Chicago.
Guy5/2/04 0:00450g / 15.87ozMy second dinner tonight. With a little flag in it.
Guy5/2/04 19:24262g / 9.24ozHalf a rump-steak. Sarah ate the other half.
Guy5/3/04 0:00120g / 4.23ozSmoked SA Beef. Just in case.
Eric5/3/04 11:37170.1g / 6ozHomemade philly's cheesesteak prepared in bbq sauce.
Guy5/3/04 19:26450g / 15.87oz"Big-ass rump. Meat is murder, y'know."
Guy5/4/04 0:00211g / 7.44ozThe *rest* of the SA smoked beef.
Guy5/4/04 11:28105g / 3.7ozJust a snack: some more delightful smoked South Australian Beef.
Eric5/4/04 11:39141.75g / 5ozYou really gotta try Poppy's steak burritos.
Guy5/4/04 19:29450g / 15.87oz"Back to the Raging Bull. I'd be raging too, were I that bull. Yikes."
Eric5/4/04 19:41198.45g / 7oz"This bigass blue cheese burger doesn't compare to the bigass blue cheese burger from DC, but it was still a bigass blue cheese burger."
Guy5/5/04 0:00477g / 16.83oz"Porterhouses for lunch. Like peas in a pod, they were."
Eric5/5/04 11:43141.75g / 5ozCan you believe it? Another steak burrito from Poppy's. He hasn't lost his touch yet.
Guy5/5/04 12:30316g / 11.15oz316 grams of Smoked South Australian Beef in a mere 265 seconds! I wasn't even trying.
Guy5/6/04 0:00230g / 8.11oz"It may have been cooked, but it wasn't sterilized. And I didn't enjoy it."
Eric5/6/04 11:12141.75g / 5ozPoppy made good on his promise to put TLC into every burrito that left his establishment. May he be rewarded in heaven.
Eric5/6/04 18:50141.75g / 5oz"a burger that, technically, sucked."
Guy5/6/04 20:09255g / 8.99oz"My friend Catherine and I talk well together, especially over steak."
Eric5/7/04 11:09141.75g / 5oz"Poppy made me a steak burrito that brought a tear to my eye, it was so good."
Eric5/7/04 23:07226.8g / 8ozA whole mess of veal at Rosebud on Taylor Street.
Guy5/7/04 23:12328g / 11.57ozI loathe shopping mall food courts.
Guy5/8/04 23:17196g / 6.91ozBeef Biryani. I found a scruple-free indian restaurant! Is that scrupulous?
Guy5/9/04 0:00200g / 7.05ozBeef vindaloo. Hawked by a true sinner.
Eric5/9/04 11:05170.1g / 6oz"Lipsmackin good Chicken fried steak at Dixie Kitchen. For a moment, it made me feel I had soul."
Guy5/9/04 12:22130g / 4.59ozSteak pie at the aquarium. Boy you should've seen the sharks circling on the other side of the glass!
Guy5/9/04 21:25300g / 10.58ozRendang.
Guy5/10/04 0:00100g / 3.53oz"From Harry's's Source, Hanna's. Most magnificent."
Guy5/10/04 0:0090g / 3.17ozA beautiful beefy spicy thai salad.
Eric5/10/04 13:03141.75g / 5oz"Poppy's delivers a perfect (yes, a perfect) steak burrito."
Guy5/10/04 20:31630g / 22.22oz"A measly one-kilo t-bone, minus the enormous bone, minus 10%."
Guy5/11/04 0:00300g / 10.58oz"Rendang, and My Year of Meat. A killer combination."
Eric5/11/04 13:21141.75g / 5ozPoppy's: Oh how I love your steak burrito. Will Guy ever have the pleasure? I hope so (it'll be my treat).
Eric5/11/04 18:17396.89g / 14ozMy first sirloin in weeks. Samina's too.
Guy5/11/04 18:33242g / 8.54ozThe family that eats beef together stays together.
Guy5/12/04 0:00300g / 10.58oz"More rendang, more My Year of Meat. Yummy."
Guy5/12/04 11:3675g / 2.65ozSteak and mushroom pie. Have I mentioned how good the pies are here?
Eric5/12/04 13:20113.4g / 4ozA very disappointed portion of taco meat from the downstairs deli at work. Never again!
Eric5/12/04 19:16340.19g / 12ozSkirt steak can be appreciated in many ways. I did just that.
Eric5/13/04 13:15141.75g / 5oz"How can I say ""no"" to another Poppy's Steak Burrito?"
Guy5/13/04 18:38265g / 9.35ozFamliy dinner reprised
Guy5/14/04 11:39150g / 5.29oz"The best pie on the planet? Maybe, maybe not."
Guy5/14/04 18:41405g / 14.29ozMore quality time with the family
Eric5/14/04 19:50402.56g / 14.2oz"So nice to be back with a good, honest scale. And local-bought sirloin too."
Guy5/15/04 11:43145g / 5.11oz"Nice juicy burger, hand-pattied."
Eric5/15/04 17:56170.1g / 6oz"Thin-cut porterhouse, further thinned by my ravenous wife."
Eric5/15/04 20:57113.4g / 4oz"My mother-in-law experimented with ""beef jerky"". It was actually far superior to the store-bought stuff, and less dessicated. I ate it all."
Guy5/16/04 0:0075g / 2.65ozA disappointing hand-formed burger.
Eric5/16/04 17:44240.97g / 8.5oz"I have no way of accurately calculating post-cooked (medium), but the Portillo's double burger weighed 2/3 lb pre-cooked. 8.5 oz sounds fair, don't you think?"
Guy5/16/04 20:45284g / 10.02ozYuck. Bad steak. Never buy steak on a sunday afternoon. It's been sitting there all weekend.
Eric5/17/04 11:11141.75g / 5oz"Another one of Poppy's special, love-filled burritos. Can't you feel the love?"
Guy5/17/04 12:36105g / 3.7ozJust a burger
Eric5/17/04 20:07238.14g / 8.4oz"My porterhouse looked gigantic, and yet it yielded only 8.4 oz of meat. Maybe Guy's waitress in Singapore was right - could it be that American beef is really less dense?"
Guy5/17/04 20:38130g / 4.59ozNot a single steak for sale in the entire town. Literally. Had to make do with a steak sandwich.
Guy5/18/04 0:00125g / 4.41ozThe Pie Rule: best eat two every time you eat one.
Guy5/18/04 0:00306g / 10.79ozFinally a steak!
Guy5/18/04 10:41125g / 4.41ozstraight up meat pie. keeping it simple.
Guy5/18/04 19:47401g / 14.14ozCajun-style prime rib. About as far away from the bayou as they could get it.
Eric5/18/04 21:32223.96g / 7.9oz"Nothing says pepto bismol like greasy, late-night home-cooked Philly's cheesesteak meat."
Guy5/19/04 0:00100g / 3.53ozSteak and kidney pie. Excellent.
Eric5/19/04 12:43141.75g / 5ozGuess what? Poppy's.
Guy5/19/04 12:51100g / 3.53oz"Chunky fiji curry steak pie. it was the ""fiji"" that sold me on it."
Eric5/19/04 18:44170.1g / 6oz"Fluky's pre-cooked half-lb burger was pretty rare in the middle, so I'll estimate a loss of 2 oz."
Guy5/19/04 18:54361g / 12.73oz"Rump steak. Big and flat, like rump."
Guy5/20/04 0:0075g / 2.65ozA small lunch burger.
Guy5/20/04 0:00125g / 4.41ozPie behind the wheel. No law against that.
Eric5/20/04 12:47141.75g / 5ozItalian Beef with a soggy bun. Blecchhh! No wonder the Roman Empire collapsed.
Guy5/20/04 19:57400g / 14.11ozRSL T-bone. Dining with the masses.
Eric5/20/04 20:48326.02g / 11.5oz"Dominicks just changed its meat distributor, and the new stuff is on SALE. So I bought a cartful of ribeyes."
Guy5/21/04 0:00400g / 14.11ozT-bone. Kepler helped me cut it.
Guy5/21/04 9:59125g / 4.41oz"A pie for breakfast. Not a daily tradition, but a tradition nonetheless."
Guy5/21/04 12:00150g / 5.29oz"Disgusting mall chinese food. Black bean beef. I told Yowei about it, she said, ""eeeewwwwwww."""
Eric5/21/04 20:53396.89g / 14ozNice steak tartare and ribeye at Soho Steak.
Guy5/22/04 0:00300g / 10.58ozRendang (and StimpyDang)
Guy5/22/04 0:00125g / 4.41ozPie a la plage. Quelle vie J'ai!
Eric5/22/04 11:55141.75g / 5oz"Beef gyros for breakfast. Yes, beef. It actually said all beef. Max agrees. So there."
Guy5/22/04 13:03295g / 10.41ozbreaded baby flesh
Eric5/22/04 13:56141.75g / 5ozFlame broiled flank steak from a street vendor.
Eric5/22/04 20:57481.94g / 17oz"We went Argentinian tonight. I am still full, hours later. What did it? Gaucho pie (beef), beef tongue vinaigrette, skirt steak, and some of Max's sweetbreads."
Eric5/23/04 11:53192.78g / 6.8ozSteak (ribeye with garlic butter) and eggs at Prune.
Guy5/23/04 13:05310g / 10.93ozVindalooooooo!
Eric5/23/04 20:55113.4g / 4ozA night largely devoid of beef (except some crispy dried bits).
Guy5/24/04 0:00350g / 12.35ozRump of the Roast.
Guy5/24/04 0:00300g / 10.58ozOrganic raw mince. Yum yum.
Guy5/24/04 10:07155g / 5.47oz"This ain't no eggs benedict, buddy!"
Eric5/24/04 12:14141.75g / 5oz"Some kind of steak sandwich at a restaurant teeming with what Max claimed had been rated the most beautiful waitresses in NYC. I only had eyes for Samina and, of course, the beef."
Eric5/24/04 17:1685.05g / 3oz"I couldn't tell exactly how much this TGI Friday's airport hamburger weighed, nor did the waiter have any clue, but I figured it was a little less than a quarter-lb."
Guy5/24/04 20:06310g / 10.93ozdelicious liver. how unAustralian!
Eric5/25/04 0:00141.75g / 5ozPoppy's steak burrito.
Guy5/25/04 13:18220g / 7.76ozBest Laksa in Sydney
Eric5/25/04 19:43326.02g / 11.5ozSamina cooked this ribeye with braised porcini mushrooms and succotash.
Eric5/26/04 0:00141.75g / 5ozAnother Poppy's steak burrito.
Guy5/26/04 0:00443g / 15.63oz"Scotch Filet, in honor of my Scotch Wife."
Guy5/26/04 13:20308g / 10.86ozMince in the park
Eric5/26/04 23:42229.63g / 8.1oz"Cheesesteak, lovingly put to rest."
Eric5/27/04 0:00226.8g / 8ozBirthday for a colleague at Tacos El Norte. Steak burrito and 2 steak tacos.
Guy5/27/04 0:00450g / 15.87ozWe went to the wrong Kingsley's. Alas.
Guy5/27/04 19:23275g / 9.7ozYeti Steak at a Nepali restaurant. I wonder if Wookie tastes anything like Yeti?
Eric5/27/04 22:58175.77g / 6.2oz"Speaking of eating babies, I had a teeny tiny baby porterhouse steak tonight. Guy's right - babies do taste more tender."
Guy5/28/04 19:26240g / 8.47ozA steak in the city in Fiji. Before we go to the islands I have to top up my tank.
Guy5/29/04 0:00126g / 4.44ozSteak and Egg breakfast.
Guy5/29/04 0:00110g / 3.88oz"Palm trees, pina colada, Kepler, hamburger."
Eric5/29/04 15:55382.72g / 13.5oz"Extra-thick porterhouse steak, cooked on the charcoal grill."
Guy5/29/04 19:30325g / 11.46ozFinal steak before heading off to the islands. Mooooooooooooooo
Guy5/30/04 0:0050g / 1.76ozspag bol in paradise. i'm as surprised as you are.
Guy5/30/04 0:00126g / 4.44ozBreakfast steak before heading to the islands.
Guy5/30/04 0:00126g / 4.44ozBreakfast steak before heading to the islands.
Eric5/30/04 10:56170.1g / 6oz2 burritos for breakfast makes my tummy feel real good.
Eric5/30/04 19:42510.29g / 18oz"Vomiting would have been a relief, after my massive ingestion of porterhouse and new york strip steaks for pre-Memorial Day dinner. If only I could vomit..."
Guy5/31/04 0:00300g / 10.58ozspag bol in paradise again. I love it in paradise!
Eric5/31/04 11:40317.51g / 11.2ozNew York Strip Steak: breakfast for schlerotic champions!
Eric5/31/04 19:52337.36g / 11.9oz"More steak. In fact, I got steak coming outta my ass."
Eric6/1/04 14:24331.69g / 11.7ozLeftover steak for lunch.
Eric6/2/04 0:00184.27g / 6.5ozExtra-meat burrito from Poppy's.
Eric6/2/04 18:29354.37g / 12.5oz"Big ol' ribeye, Part 1"
Eric6/3/04 14:30388.39g / 13.7ozBig ol' ribeye Part 2
Eric6/3/04 20:35340.19g / 12oz"I had two ""Mustard's Last Burgers"" weighing 1/2 lb pre-cooked. Medium rare, they probably lost a couple ounces each. If my opponent wants to argue this weight, I will consider his point of view."
Eric6/4/04 11:49170.1g / 6oz"Yet another Poppy's burrito with extra meat. There were some bone chips in there this time, but don't worry - I didn't count them toward total weight."
Eric6/4/04 20:50623.69g / 22oz"I was all alone tonight, so I got out the charcoal grill and cooked myself a porterhouse and a sirloin. And then, to my surprise, I ate them both. No kidding."
Eric6/5/04 11:10538.64g / 19oz"Wow, I'm a meat-eating machine."
Eric6/6/04 11:11243.81g / 8.6ozSteak for breakfast.
Eric6/6/04 21:12127.57g / 4.5ozOne piddling hamburger for dinner. We didn't cook enough meat for our dinner guests.
Eric6/7/04 0:00232.47g / 8.2oz2 leftover burgers.
Eric6/7/04 21:3770.87g / 2.5oz"It was almost not worth it due to the piddling beef weight. But this Philly's Best cheesesteak was so good, and I missed it so much, that I had to have it."
Eric6/8/04 0:00309.01g / 10.9ozLeftover charcoal-grilled sirloin for lunch. Smokin' good.
Guy6/8/04 19:20200g / 7.05ozSpaghetti Bolognaise. They actually did have beef hidden away somewhere on Tavewa after all.
Eric6/8/04 21:12184.27g / 6.5oz"I got a coupon in the mail for a Steak-n-Shake double burger. I ordered two of them, but asked for all the meat to be served on a single bun. Despite my expectations the ""Quad"" would be enormous, it wasn't. It took me 5 minutes to eat."
Eric6/9/04 13:11127.57g / 4.5oz"Laard Naar with beef, at a local Thai place close to the office. Not too bad, but skimpy on the beef."
Eric6/9/04 20:15484.78g / 17.1oz"I am amazed that three home-fried hamburger patties, thick and juicy, didn't produce even the slightest stomach discomfort. I must be getting used to this stuff."
Eric6/10/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozSoggy Italian beef. Blechhh. But it had a lot of meat in it.
Guy6/10/04 0:00193g / 6.81ozBurgerking in LAX. I hate delays.
Guy6/10/04 0:00383g / 13.51ozMy second Nikko steak. Because the first one was good.
Guy6/10/04 15:19110g / 3.88oz"A simple burger, but a major increase on recent days. One small snack for man...."
Guy6/10/04 19:23240g / 8.47ozQuick steak on the way to the airport
Guy6/10/04 20:26383g / 13.51oz"My first taste of american steak. Not bad, I guess... I like the savory tang of antibiotics."
Eric6/10/04 20:56479.11g / 16.9oz"Another full packet of ground sirloin, but this time it didn't go down so easy."
Eric6/11/04 0:00226.8g / 8ozReally extra-meated Poppy's steak burrito. Much bigger than usual. Unbelievably good luck.
Guy6/11/04 0:00252g / 8.89ozI doubled the double filet
Guy6/11/04 12:02213g / 7.51ozThe Great Steak Sandwich
Guy6/11/04 19:04255g / 8.99ozNikko double filet
Eric6/11/04 20:50501.79g / 17.7ozHad another 3 patty power-pack. It gets my juices flowing.
Guy6/12/04 0:00290g / 10.23ozA Gigantic Denny's tbone.
Guy6/12/04 0:00381g / 13.44ozFilet mignon for breakfast surrounded by a haze of hippy disapprobation.
Eric6/12/04 11:46255.15g / 9ozBunless monster burger and Punjabi beef for breakfast.
Guy6/12/04 19:09381g / 13.44ozBeautiful organic meat eaten under the withering gaze of a staunch vegetarian.
Eric6/12/04 22:04510.29g / 18oz"Several hamburgers at a party at which most of the conversation revolved around BeefStakes. I can't escape my fame anymore, it seems."
Eric6/13/04 11:09504.62g / 17.8ozAnother square meal of ground beef
Eric6/13/04 20:10113.4g / 4oz"A ""Baja Fresh"" steak burrito. I had nausea a few hours later, so maybe it wasn't so fresh after all."
Guy6/14/04 0:00450g / 15.87ozMidnight snack on my sister's b-day. Her husband is an opportunivore as it turns out.
Eric6/14/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozYet another extra-meated burrito from Poppy's.
Guy6/14/04 12:1565g / 2.29oz"Thai green curry in Chico, CA"
Eric6/14/04 20:37459.26g / 16.2ozAnother triple-patty power punch.
Eric6/15/04 0:00501.79g / 17.7oz"Big day for secret beef: breakfast cheeseburger (6.2 oz), 2 for lunch (11.5)."
Guy6/15/04 0:00199g / 7.02ozDiscrete Meat
Guy6/15/04 14:2584g / 2.96ozWhat i could manage to eat of this beautiful steak before Elsie ate the rest of it. Woof!
Eric6/15/04 20:55405.4g / 14.3oz"3 more hamburgers. If you guessed that I bought tons of special-priced hamburger meat, you'd be right."
Eric6/16/04 0:00547.15g / 19.3ozMeatloaf for breakfast (3 oz) and lunch (6 oz). Also for dinner (10.3 oz). Had to drive to Steak-n-Shake late night to pretend I wasn't hiding anything from Guy.
Guy6/16/04 19:29170g / 6oz"Tiny little filet mignon. Waste of a perfectly good cow, really."
Eric6/16/04 21:20246.64g / 8.7oz"After asking for a quad-burger (two doubles) from Steak-N-Shake drive-through service, I was surprised to receive one triple and one double. This patty meat was actually weighed, as I disassembled my burgers for examination."
Eric6/17/04 0:00243.81g / 8.6oz"Another new meatloaf. I made 2 pans this time. I'll report the remainder of the first pan tonight, and log in the second pan tomorrow in secret, assuming my stomach doesn't explode."
Guy6/17/04 0:00196g / 6.91ozJuicy burger with Gonnie and Puddy.
Guy6/17/04 0:00223g / 7.87ozBBQ tritip in the S&S carpark
Eric6/17/04 19:05413.9g / 14.6ozA gigantic pile of meatloaf. I took some of the weight off to account for non-beef filler.
Guy6/17/04 19:36300g / 10.58ozThe place was famous for organic meat. Rightly so.
Guy6/18/04 0:00652g / 23oz"A secret lump of meat, smuggled in under my mom's nose, and quietly concealed in the hotel room over a course of a few days."
Eric6/18/04 12:06141.75g / 5oz"Taco Party at work. Beef, of course."
Guy6/18/04 19:38306g / 10.79ozA very nice steak. But my family is beginning to notice how much meat I eat. Uh oh.
Eric6/18/04 20:18289.17g / 10.2oz"Cold meatloaf which is, of course, the best way to eat it."
Guy6/19/04 0:00170g / 6oz"Sunday special: traditional roast beef, of course."
Eric6/19/04 14:19300.5g / 10.6oz"Made meatloaf again, mostly to appease Samina, who doesn't like me frying meat every day on the stove (it stinks up the house)."
Eric6/19/04 18:2185.05g / 3oz"Beef burrito, to break the monotony of meatloaf."
Guy6/19/04 19:26300g / 10.58ozMore yummy organic steak
Eric6/19/04 22:21411.07g / 14.5oz"Dinner: one third of a skirt steak (4 oz) and 3 thick hamburgers (3.5 oz each), and I feel like puking."
Eric6/20/04 0:00669.05g / 23.6oz"Hamburger for breakfast (8.5 oz) plus a late lunch of cold meatloaf (15.1 oz). PostScript (Sept 7) - from his strange email today (""Some Solstice, eh?), Guy appears to have found out about the massive consumption of June 20, 21..."
Guy6/20/04 19:29453.59g / 16oz"All of my steak, and some of Claude's."
Eric6/20/04 20:02351.53g / 12.4oz"Hamburgers and shrimp (tails and all, for roughage). As shrimp doesn't qualify as beef, per the rules, I didn't count it."
Guy6/21/04 0:00255g / 8.99oz"The Nikko waitress forced this steak on me, I swear."
Eric6/21/04 0:00606.68g / 21.4ozGood-sized serving of leftover meatloaf for breakfast (8.4) and an even larger serving for lunch (13 oz). PostScript (Sept 7) - I'll find out soon enough how Guy broke down my defenses. There will be repercussions...
Guy6/21/04 13:40255.15g / 9ozDiner steak. Low carb!
Guy6/21/04 19:42255.15g / 9ozSteak dinner at the Nikko. Double filet.
Eric6/21/04 20:22283.5g / 10ozI had steak at my mother-in-law's. I even convinced her to take my photo while eating. And she STILL doesn't have any idea about BeefStakes (she just thinks I'm crazy).
Eric6/22/04 0:00445.09g / 15.7ozBreakfast - cold meatloaf (8.6 oz). Lunch - leftover sirloin (7.1 oz).
Guy6/22/04 0:00142g / 5.01ozA surprisingly good beef sandwich in SFO.
Guy6/22/04 16:57331.69g / 11.7ozDenny's T bone. Horrifying.
Eric6/22/04 21:23368.54g / 13oz"Surf and Turf. Don't worry, I didn't count the Surf toward total weight."
Guy6/23/04 0:00726g / 25.61oz"Kristi, Leo and I made a massive huge enormous delightful and very large steak. I ate a lot of it."
Eric6/23/04 6:42212.62g / 7.5ozCold meatloaf for breakfast.
Guy6/23/04 12:550.2g / 0.01oznice roast beef. wish I had a mouth to put it into.
Eric6/23/04 13:05198.45g / 7ozA modest sirloin for lunch.
Guy6/24/04 0:00329g / 11.61ozThe rest of last night's steak
Eric6/24/04 13:35816.47g / 28.8oz"I made five cheeseburgers, weighed them (minus the cheese) and then proceeded to eat them all between last night and lunch today."
Guy6/24/04 18:03240g / 8.47ozPicnic with the porter-bleicher family by the sea
Eric6/24/04 21:47277.83g / 9.8oz"Ribeye for a late dinner after a meeting at which buffalo burritos were served. Per our rules, I didn't count the buffalo."
Eric6/25/04 6:48266.49g / 9.4ozAn excellent start to the day - cold meatloaf!
Eric6/25/04 12:48351.53g / 12.4ozThere's a pattern to be observed here: cold meatloaf for lunch.
Guy6/25/04 14:20198.45g / 7oz"burrito carne asada, por favor"
Guy6/25/04 20:22226.8g / 8ozkorean dish of some kind. Sarah said it didn't taste like anything.
Eric6/25/04 21:02382.72g / 13.5oz"A third helping of cold meatloaf for dinner, plus a beef burrito."
Eric6/26/04 11:03274.99g / 9.7oz"A late breakfast, but a great breakfast: cold meatloaf, again!"
Guy6/26/04 13:23113.4g / 4oz"A roast beef sandwich on a bagel. Not a new york bagel, but not bad either."
Eric6/26/04 17:04255.15g / 9oz"Beef teriyaki at a sushi bar. They told me 10 oz of ""ribeye"", but it looked more like 9 oz of sirloin. In any case, it was good stuff."
Guy6/27/04 8:25395g / 13.93oz"We call it the breakfast steak. With milk, juice and toast makes a balanced breakfast!"
Eric6/27/04 11:06294.84g / 10.4oz"Cold meatloaf for breakfast. I've been shaving off 10% to account for the 1 egg, 1 cup of tomato sauce, and 1/2 cup of breadcrumb for every 2 lbs. of meat. That's pretty generous, yes?"
Guy6/27/04 12:26198.45g / 7oz"A burrito from Los Dos Pedros. I'm not exactly sure which Pedro it was that I ordered it from, but he seemed to know what he was doing."
Guy6/27/04 20:19121g / 4.27ozA burger at the zoo. ooo. ooo.
Eric6/28/04 6:29192.78g / 6.8ozSome of the remains of burnt steak. I'll try to choke down the rest at lunch.
Guy6/28/04 11:24304g / 10.72ozart in beef. bee fart.
Eric6/28/04 12:30354.37g / 12.5oz"Believe it or not, this steak took me almost a half hour to eat for lunch. Charred and sinewy, it had to be chewed and chewed and chewed. Needless to say, it was as tough as wang."
Eric6/29/04 9:40243.81g / 8.6ozHelluva good breakfast - cold meatloaf!
Guy6/29/04 11:43242g / 8.54ozdouble 1/3-lb burger. hold the bread
Eric6/29/04 14:21289.17g / 10.2ozSteak for lunch.
Guy6/29/04 18:44255.15g / 9ozNow that's Italian!
Eric6/29/04 20:37226.8g / 8oz"Thai Sunshine Beef and Ruby Noodle Beef. If it were up to me, I would've just gotten plain beef, as the weight would've been more impressive."
Eric6/30/04 6:40303.34g / 10.7oz"A helluva good start to the day: cold meatloaf, yet again!"
Guy6/30/04 9:43242g / 8.54ozAnother bunless wonder.
Eric6/30/04 13:40240.97g / 8.5oz"Leftover steak, warmed up in the microwave at work. Not too impressive a meal, but 8.5 oz closer to victory."
Guy6/30/04 19:34306.17g / 10.8ozAnniversary Carcinogenic Dinner
Eric6/30/04 19:49385.55g / 13.6ozLeftover Beef Ruby Noodle with cold meatloaf.
Eric7/1/04 6:39391.22g / 13.8ozCold meatloaf is king of breakfast in my house.
Guy7/1/04 9:53198.45g / 7ozA light breakfast.
Eric7/1/04 11:40170.1g / 6oz"Poppy's steak burrito, extra meaty."
Guy7/2/04 11:55339g / 11.96ozMy meat kept staring at me and making funny faces
Eric7/2/04 13:43283.5g / 10oz"Hecky's barbecue beef sandwich, double the meat. It literally was busting out with meat."
Guy7/2/04 19:56363g / 12.8oz"My dad knows how to make a steak, I tell ya'."
Eric7/2/04 22:23238.14g / 8.4oz2/3 of a sirloin steak rendered less than whole by my ravenous wife.
Eric7/3/04 9:1456.7g / 2ozA McDonalds steak-egg-and-cheese bagel. 2 ounces is just a guess. It wasn't much meat.
Eric7/3/04 12:11396.89g / 14oz"My aunt made something called ""Conies"", which is sloppy joe with sectioned hot dogs. I had what everyone, to their amazement, called a ""mess of coney"". They were too amazed to ask why."
Guy7/3/04 18:59181g / 6.38ozSome rather small burgers dripping with bbq sauce. So very very american.
Guy7/4/04 12:4320g / 0.71ozI ate my son's taco leftovers. Every gram counts.
Eric7/4/04 15:10453.59g / 16oz"So much barbecued beef brisket I wanted to barf. I really wanted to barf. Oh, it hurt so."
Guy7/4/04 18:59454g / 16.01ozSome huge burgers. Very very american.
Guy7/5/04 14:46567g / 20oz"Huge beef fest, thanks to my dad, who cooks the best steaks I know. Thanks, Dad!"
Eric7/5/04 15:0985.05g / 3oz"A double cheeseburger for McD's lunch. Since it's mostly soy product, I'm calling it 3 oz, having no other readily available info."
Eric7/5/04 21:39365.71g / 12.9oz3 deliciously smoke-enhanced home-cooked burgers hot off the grill
Eric7/6/04 6:07172.93g / 6.1ozSolitary steakburger for breakfast.
Guy7/6/04 9:50171g / 6.03ozLeftovers. Cold. Chewy. Delightful.
Eric7/6/04 11:08385.55g / 13.6oz2 hamburgers for lunch. They're not just for breakfast anymore.
Guy7/6/04 11:51141.75g / 5ozlo-carb bread under beef. whatever.
Eric7/6/04 20:10212.62g / 7.5oz"Had a light steakburger dinner b/c I wanted to save something for breakfast tomorrow. I shoulda just cooked more meat, huh?"
Guy7/6/04 21:43620g / 21.87ozMeatloaf. He's not just a rockstar. He's also a delicious and nutricious meal.
Guy7/7/04 11:45128g / 4.52ozLeftovers. Meatloaf. Mmmmmm.
Eric7/7/04 12:18538.64g / 19oz"It was the 7th anniversary of my employment at Lake County. I celebrated, of course, with beef at a Chinese buffet. My colleagues swore it was at least 1.5 lbs, but it was spongy, so I'm calling it 19 oz."
Eric7/7/04 18:20232.47g / 8.2oz"My wife made an absolutely mouth-watering garlic ribeye with mushroom sauce. Too bad I had to eat my portion in the car, on the way to a meeting. The things I do for beef."
Eric7/8/04 7:50252.31g / 8.9oz"Last of the weekend's hamburger, for breakfast. Still good. Still beef."
Guy7/8/04 11:2810g / 0.35ozA sample taste of some nice organic beef at Whole Foods.
Guy7/8/04 12:15249g / 8.78ozPrecisely weighed -- and beautifully cooked -- organic hamburger meat.
Eric7/8/04 14:13170.1g / 6ozAnother Poppy's extra-meaty steak burrito.
Guy7/8/04 19:24340g / 11.99ozStrip steak at my dad's.
Eric7/9/04 13:35269.32g / 9.5oz"Leftover steak for lunch. Even leftover, steak tastes better than no steak."
Eric7/9/04 22:36289.17g / 10.2oz"A beautifully marbled ribeye for late dinner. I dined tonight with extra relish, having learned that Guy spent the entire day beef-less."
Guy7/10/04 9:5185.05g / 3ozThe all-american airport breakfast beef bagel.
Eric7/10/04 11:30345.86g / 12.2oz"I sneakily prepared a couple of lbs of meatloaf in anticipation of my parents' visit over the weekend. One last meal before I pick them up at the airport. I will sneak my loaf now and then, and nobody will be the wiser."
Guy7/10/04 11:30408.23g / 14.4ozA couple of Leona's home-delivery steak sandwiches.
Eric7/10/04 13:05170.1g / 6oz"A modest roast beef sandwich for lunch with my parents. Modest, that is, for me. I saw Dad looking at it and asked him what he thought of my meal. ""Son, I am not accustomed to seeing that much lunch meat in a sandwich."" If he only knew."
Guy7/10/04 15:31181g / 6.38ozMcD double QP w/cheese
Eric7/10/04 20:08340.19g / 12oz"I broke in my new Weber Genesis Silver B gas grill with a burger cookout. I ate 2 6-oz burgers myself. Mom, Dad and Samina barely finished one each. Lots of leftovers, and I see many more such meals this year. Guy is so screwed."
Guy7/11/04 10:32306.17g / 10.8oz"Now *this* is what I call proper airport food. America, listen up!"
Guy7/11/04 19:34198.45g / 7oz"Steak pie highland style, which is a good thing."
Eric7/12/04 13:0085.05g / 3oz"Made my Dad creamed chipped beef on toast, and myself some as well."
Guy7/12/04 15:39400g / 14.11ozBack to M&S raw angus. Sweet stuff.
Eric7/12/04 16:03170.1g / 6ozThe second to the last hamburger from parents' weekend. Tasted just as good as the second to the first.
Guy7/12/04 20:40198.45g / 7ozMore highland steak pie.
Eric7/12/04 22:04357.2g / 12.6ozMy first steaks on my new grill. Two half-lb skirt steaks melted off a few ounces in the delicious heat of its flames.
Eric7/13/04 12:41243.81g / 8.6oz"Meatloaf. I forgot to eat it during the weekend, owing to our new grill. But it still tastes good."
Guy7/13/04 12:426g / 0.21ozRoast Beef with yorkshire pudding. You can't beat a classic.
Guy7/13/04 18:45255.15g / 9oz"Rump steak, rare, at a disturbingly clowny family restaurant. kepler loved it. Who doesn't like balloons?"
Eric7/13/04 21:1028.35g / 1ozA dried-beef appetizer. What will I eat for dinner?
Eric7/13/04 21:59328.85g / 11.6oz"I supped on succulent barbecued beef brisket, my first such cut on the new grill."
Eric7/14/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozAnother Poppy's steak burrito with extra meat.
Eric7/14/04 7:49294.84g / 10.4ozMeatloaf for breakfast.
Guy7/14/04 13:48400g / 14.11ozEven more juicy raw aberdonian angus.
Eric7/14/04 18:37286.33g / 10.1oz"Even warmed up in the microwave, my barbecued beef brisket would fetch a handsome price in most restaurants. Well done, Eric!"
Guy7/14/04 18:51340.19g / 12ozTwo hand made steak pies. Chunkalicious.
Eric7/15/04 0:00249.48g / 8.8oz"Breakfasted on drief beef (1.8 oz) and some leftover scraps of meatloaf (3 oz). Lunched on meatloaf - I officially logged in 9.9 oz of the lunch, and withheld 4 oz for the secret log."
Guy7/15/04 10:2342.52g / 1.5oz"The blackest of all the pudding family. I would call it the black sheep, in fact, were in not beef."
Eric7/15/04 12:16280.66g / 9.9ozMeatloaf for the hungry working man.
Guy7/15/04 19:24510.29g / 18ozA pair of sirloin steaks. The poor watress didn't believe me at first.
Eric7/15/04 20:22266.49g / 9.4oz"Last of the splendid brisket. Until the next one, that is."
Eric7/16/04 6:19292g / 10.3ozThis london broil took so long to chew up that I almost missed my morning train.
Guy7/16/04 9:2585.05g / 3oz"More black black pudding, this time a smily double."
Guy7/16/04 13:28242g / 8.54ozA pair of BIG TASTY burgers at McD's. Downright 'orriboo.
Eric7/16/04 14:18394.06g / 13.9oz"Unfortunately, this london broil is as tough as wang. Maybe grilling it wasn't the best idea. I'll have to try the crockpot next time."
Guy7/16/04 18:29141.75g / 5ozSucculent beef stew.
Eric7/16/04 21:16283.5g / 10ozRibeye steak at a nice restaurant. Samina had rabbit.
Guy7/16/04 21:31170.1g / 6ozAnother pie. What can I say about pies I've not already said?
Eric7/17/04 0:00382.72g / 13.5ozSome beef panang and grilled strip steak.
Guy7/17/04 9:33225g / 7.94oz"We call it the breakfast steak. A Steak through my heart, pierced with a cupid-like love of meat."
Guy7/17/04 11:34141.75g / 5oz"Steak and Gravy pie. I know, I know."
Guy7/17/04 13:06225g / 7.94ozThe other half of the steak from breakfast this morning.
Guy7/17/04 20:38340.19g / 12oz"Two more steak pies. One for dinner, one for desert."
Eric7/18/04 0:00184.27g / 6.5ozLeftover strip steak.
Guy7/18/04 13:53184.27g / 6.5ozBeef Madras. A taste of India in Scotland.
Guy7/18/04 14:55315g / 11.11ozSirloin steaks. A taste of Scotland in Scotland.
Guy7/19/04 9:56219g / 7.72ozMinute steaks for breakfast. With the emphasis in the first syllable.
Guy7/19/04 16:06127.57g / 4.5ozHow do you pronounce Ceilidh Place?
Guy7/19/04 19:11302g / 10.65ozCottage Pie. Fit for a King.
Guy7/20/04 12:13250g / 8.82ozRoast beast at a carvery in town.
Guy7/20/04 18:14170.1g / 6ozSteak pie.
Guy7/20/04 19:18170.1g / 6ozAnother steak pie
Guy7/21/04 9:20250g / 8.82ozGood old breakfast sirloin.
Guy7/21/04 12:23150g / 5.29ozOx tongue on toast. It don't get no sweeter den dat.
Guy7/21/04 20:53150g / 5.29ozAnother tongue sandwich. Just can't get the taste of tongue out of my mouth.
Eric7/22/04 0:00226.8g / 8ozMu Shu Beef and beef with broccoli.
Guy7/22/04 12:20105g / 3.7ozRoast beef in the beautiful Scottish day.
Guy7/22/04 13:28120g / 4.23ozSurprise roast beef sandwich courtesy of Amanda. Thanks!
Guy7/22/04 15:44256g / 9.03ozcaniggia. heard of it?
Eric7/23/04 0:00411.07g / 14.5ozI accepted the lowly sirloin as my wife claimed the glorious porterhouse.
Guy7/23/04 10:49135g / 4.76ozBreakfast beef. Roasted out of a vacuum pack.
Guy7/23/04 12:58120g / 4.23oz"More roast beef, this time in sandwich form."
Guy7/23/04 19:26441g / 15.56oz"A roast beef I cooked myself! Impressive, eh?"
Eric7/24/04 0:00445.09g / 15.7oz"Fortunately, when my wife claimed the porterhouse last night, her eyes were WAY bigger than her stomach. It, and some remaining sirloin, tasted great re-heated on the grill."
Guy7/24/04 10:46145g / 5.11ozMore vacuum sealed roast beef. It's getting downright rabbitual.
Guy7/24/04 14:21250g / 8.82ozCaniggia again.
Guy7/25/04 9:11135g / 4.76ozRoast beef with marmite and butter on toast. An excellent discovery of a combination.
Guy7/25/04 11:11198.45g / 7ozA surprisingly enormous steak and gravy pie.
Guy7/25/04 19:09190g / 6.7ozCottage pie again. My wife can cook.
Guy7/26/04 0:13198.45g / 7ozAnother Frigate Steak Pie. And another masterpiece of carnivo-pastry engineering.
Guy7/26/04 10:08140g / 4.94ozAnother brekky just like the last. Marmite is my mate.
Guy7/26/04 12:0885g / 3ozLunch roast beef sandwich. With that extra taste you only get from real bonafide marmite.
Guy7/26/04 15:05256g / 9.03ozSirloin snack.
Eric7/27/04 0:00340.19g / 12ozCrispy beef and beef laard naar from our favorite Thai restaurant.
Guy7/27/04 10:0495g / 3.35ozAnother marmitic breakfast. What a delight!
Guy7/27/04 12:2190g / 3.17ozLunch. With Marmite.
Guy7/27/04 15:13140g / 4.94ozSnacking with Max on the line
Guy7/27/04 16:20110g / 3.88ozAnother Packet of Beef. Vacuum-protected goodness.
Guy7/27/04 21:50105g / 3.7oz"Beef, like happy drops of tears, lay upon my pillow."
Eric7/28/04 0:0085.05g / 3ozOne measly Punjabi beef burrito. I say measly because this is all the beef I've had all day.
Guy7/28/04 9:39257g / 9.07oz"Breakfast Sirloin again. I'm a creature of intermittent habit, I know."
Guy7/28/04 11:53117g / 4.13oz"The Mighty Mar-mite strikes again. Actually, come to think of it, Marmite sounds like a spanish sea-louse. Still, it tastes good."
Guy7/28/04 16:00140g / 4.94ozYet another vacu-pack of beef slices. Hmmmm.
Guy7/28/04 19:21124g / 4.37ozSpag-Bol. My wife can cook!
Guy7/28/04 22:06110g / 3.88ozBeef in bed. Cosy as can be.
Guy7/29/04 11:36110g / 3.88oz"Vacu-pak beef by the seaside... or by the lochside, which is much to the same effect."
Guy7/29/04 15:03110g / 3.88oz"Yes, vacuum-sealed beef. It's not so bad. The marmite certainly helps."
Guy7/29/04 18:56310g / 10.93oz"A brisket, a brasket."
Guy7/30/04 9:43250g / 8.82ozLeftovers.
Guy7/30/04 17:44250g / 8.82ozRightovers.
Eric7/31/04 0:00170.1g / 6oz"Fandanglous amount of beef in this corned beef hash at a swanky breakfast cafe. As she found it too salty, I expect I will be able to eat Samina's leftovers (of the same dish) tonight!"
Guy7/31/04 9:43128g / 4.52ozTongue sandwich #1 today.
Eric7/31/04 10:00113.4g / 4ozI was right!
Guy7/31/04 12:43128g / 4.52ozAnother tongue sandwich.
Guy7/31/04 12:4764g / 2.26ozAnother tongue sandwich.
Guy8/1/04 9:46180g / 6.35ozBreakfast fillet. No matter how you pronounce it.
Guy8/1/04 16:46420g / 14.82ozSimon's birthday roast. It came out perfect.
Guy8/2/04 9:50180g / 6.35oz"Fillet breakfast. The steak, and the meal, of champions."
Guy8/2/04 17:59105g / 3.7ozAmanda's stew.
Eric8/3/04 8:00226.8g / 8ozStrip steak served at the home of one of my friends in the know. She also knows how to fix it.
Guy8/3/04 12:00175g / 6.17ozMarmite sandwich. With beef attached as a granish.
Guy8/3/04 15:00220g / 7.76ozCaniggia yet again. Que Argentine!
Guy8/3/04 19:2995g / 3.35ozSpagBol. And mighty meaty too.
Eric8/4/04 0:00170.1g / 6oz"For all the hoopla about this triple-patty melt at Steak-n-Shake, I estimate a lame 6 oz."
Guy8/4/04 16:32306g / 10.79ozPub lunch with Rick. Steak. Duh.
Guy8/4/04 18:37210g / 7.41ozBresaola. 3 packs of it. Smoky treat indeed.
Guy8/5/04 11:07115g / 4.06ozLeisurely breakfast sandwich
Guy8/5/04 14:21405g / 14.29oz"The day of the cow is nigh, it told me."
Guy8/5/04 21:29170.1g / 6ozBig Brother Bourgignon.
Eric8/6/04 0:00510.29g / 18oz"1 jumbo burger and 1 heap of grilled flank steak on the eve of my family's departure from PA to NC for a grand reunion of parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles and, of course, beef."
Eric8/6/04 0:00141.75g / 5oz"My folks brought my niece and nephew along to pick me up at the airport. From there, we drove to the city for an open-air bus tour of historic Philadelphia. I, of course, ordered a big Philly cheese steak for the ride. Not a bad excursion."
Guy8/6/04 1:30226.8g / 8ozA couple of 'orriboo pies.
Guy8/6/04 12:38198.45g / 7ozA puny steak under a buffalo head.
Guy8/6/04 13:38255.15g / 9ozAnother disappointment. The horror!
Guy8/6/04 15:10250g / 8.82ozBeautiful smoked beef.
Guy8/6/04 19:47374.21g / 13.2oz"The worst, and biggest, burger I've ever tried to eat, before I left in utter horror."
Eric8/7/04 0:00396.89g / 14oz"My cousin's barbecued beef brisket feast almost blew my cover: (1) my suggestion that he make enough for leftovers aroused everyone's curiosity and suspicion and (2) I ate far more than anyone at dinner, with the exception of my beef-loving uncle."
Guy8/7/04 11:33340.19g / 12oz"A very nice t-bone, although I must admit, the bone is frustrating to deal with."
Guy8/7/04 11:44306.17g / 10.8ozA very nice rump steak. No bone at all.
Guy8/7/04 20:30306.17g / 10.8ozAnother rump steak. Same waitress. She seemed genuinely glad to see me. I must be a good customer.
Guy8/7/04 20:42306.17g / 10.8ozYou ready for round 2? she asked.
Guy8/7/04 21:5525g / 0.88ozThai food. Those poor Thai people: they haven't discovered the glory of masses of beef.
Eric8/8/04 0:00141.75g / 5oz"Leftover beef brisket in a tortilla. This time, I ate with more discretion, after everyone else had left for the beach."
Guy8/8/04 11:56306.17g / 10.8oz"Back for more: the famous Rump Steak, ladies and gentlemen."
Guy8/8/04 16:03170.1g / 6oz"A very nice burger with Rick, in a restaurant that had a whole barbecue truck adjoined to it on the sidewalk."
Guy8/8/04 23:44127.57g / 4.5ozThe most disgusting deep fried anything I've ever had... in this case a cheeseburger.
Eric8/9/04 0:00113.4g / 4ozBig ole stack of grilled beef hotdogs. Too bad they're only partially beef (They're quite good).
Eric8/9/04 0:00566.99g / 20oz"Dad made pork ribs for the family and slow-cooked some fantastic beef ribs for me as well. Fortunately, he made enough for me to walk away from the table fully satiated. I can't believe they didn't notice my hog-like gluttony."
Guy8/9/04 12:55306.17g / 10.8oz"The 100kg barrier crossed! With a simple rump steak, of course."
Guy8/9/04 14:56400g / 14.11ozCecina = Spanish smoked beef.
Eric8/10/04 0:00283.5g / 10oz"My aunt made ""conies"" again. Little did she know that her meal fit my plan of beef supremacy quite well. Yes, quite well, in fact."
Guy8/10/04 0:00420g / 14.82ozThe Barron. For Sarah's dad.
Guy8/10/04 0:0043g / 1.52ozBK breakfast burger
Guy8/11/04 0:00100g / 3.53ozI figured out about scissors. Yippee!
Eric8/11/04 0:00226.8g / 8oz"Some leftover conies. It tasted just as good, and just as filling, on the second day. So filling, however, that I got a cramp swimming in the ocean soon after."
Guy8/11/04 0:00130g / 4.59ozleft-overs from the Baron.
Guy8/11/04 0:00105g / 3.7oz"Plastic-coated meat. I am back in Ullapool, you know."
Eric8/12/04 0:00113.4g / 4oz"Some pilfered hot dogs. I'm starting to worry they're catching onto my beef fetish. And why wouldn't my family be suspicious? We're in the seafood capitol of North Carolina, after all! So I'm going to lie low for the rest of the trip."
Guy8/12/04 0:00110g / 3.88ozStandard Marmite-beef breakfast sandwich.
Guy8/12/04 0:00193g / 6.81ozBig burger from the Chippy. With cole slaw. Inside.
Guy8/12/04 0:0048g / 1.69oz"Lunch. I just had to share, didn't I?"
Guy8/12/04 0:00284g / 10.02ozFish-predictive beef. Gotta hedge bets.
Guy8/13/04 0:00140g / 4.94ozRoast beef after mackerel lunch.
Guy8/13/04 0:00120g / 4.23ozWalking by the seawall in Ullapool is always improved by beef.
Guy8/13/04 0:0020g / 0.71ozDripping on toast.
Guy8/13/04 0:00160g / 5.64ozTo Beefinity... And Beyond!
Guy8/14/04 0:00120g / 4.23ozMy standard breakfast.
Guy8/14/04 0:00250g / 8.82oz"Boring lunch, I know. Meat meat meat."
Eric8/14/04 0:00226.8g / 8oz"The Hardees 2/3 lb doubleburger on my car trip back to Pennsylvania from the Outer Banks. Post-cooked, I estimate it's closer to a half pounder, since it's still nice and juicy."
Eric8/14/04 17:00226.8g / 8ozFarewell dinner with my folks: Arrachera Azteca (skirt steak with cactus).
Guy8/15/04 0:00202g / 7.13ozRoast beef aboard the Summertime.
Guy8/15/04 0:00135g / 4.76oz"Breakfast with marmite, again!"
Eric8/15/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozI celebrated my return to Chicago with a heaping pile of mu shu beef.
Guy8/16/04 0:00198g / 6.98ozI made a steak&kidney pie! From scratch!!!
Guy8/16/04 0:00250g / 8.82ozA nice juicy steak to get the day truly rolling.
Guy8/16/04 0:00250g / 8.82ozI like a steak of an afternoon.
Guy8/16/04 0:0010g / 0.35ozStart your day with beef fat.
Eric8/16/04 6:0085.05g / 3ozLeftover mu shu for breakfast.
Eric8/16/04 12:00170.1g / 6oz"I couldn't resist another trip to Poppy's for my favorite lunch treat: beef burrito, extra meaty."
Eric8/16/04 18:00283.5g / 10oz"Nice ribeye for dinner, after a hard day's work."
Eric8/17/04 0:00277.83g / 9.8oz"Next time I eat sirloin, I'll be careful to cook it less. Carbon doesn't count as beef, particularly when it's scraped off into the garbage."
Guy8/17/04 0:00195g / 6.88ozLeftover S&K pie for breakfast.
Guy8/17/04 0:00150g / 5.29oz"We had mackerel for lunch number 1, so I had beef for lunch number 2."
Guy8/17/04 0:00285g / 10.05ozI ate beef throughout the afternoon.
Guy8/18/04 0:00170g / 6ozBeef. It's the new pork.
Guy8/18/04 0:00125g / 4.41ozThe Marmite truck is here! The Marmite truck is here!
Guy8/18/04 0:00165g / 5.82ozChewing the fat... I started chewing the lean aswell.
Guy8/18/04 0:00150g / 5.29ozBulls-eye. The meaning of the word isn't lost on me.
Guy8/19/04 0:00180g / 6.35oz"Daddy, I want beef!"
Guy8/19/04 0:00110g / 3.88ozBrunch = whatever you eat between breakfast and lunch.
Eric8/19/04 0:00141.75g / 5oz"I didn't want to waste energy calculating the weight of this ""Double-Quarter-Pounder"". The meal itself was hardly worth it. So I estimate 5 oz, post-cooked. Sounds about right? Whatever."
Guy8/19/04 0:0075g / 2.65ozDinner was beef!
Guy8/19/04 0:00175g / 6.17oz"Seafood. It was Eric's idea, and I commend him for it."
Guy8/19/04 0:0060g / 2.12ozBreakfast beef on the Pier
Eric8/19/04 7:00348.7g / 12.3oz"Supper: grilled porterhouse and zucchini. Nota bene: In Southern Illinois, dinner is supper, and lunch is dinner. However, steak is still steak."
Guy8/20/04 0:00140g / 4.94oz"Makes me Dizzy, all this beef."
Guy8/20/04 0:00125g / 4.41ozBreakfast Surprise. Breakfast the same.
Guy8/20/04 0:00165g / 5.82ozNice tall frosty glass of beef.
Eric8/20/04 0:00218.29g / 7.7oz"Some ribeyes-on-bone are not as good as others. Like when they're mostly fat. But fat counts as beef if it's attached to the beef, not melted, and eaten along with the beef. Right?"
Guy8/20/04 0:00110g / 3.88ozPostprandial treat.
Guy8/21/04 0:00115g / 4.06ozThe loneliest meal I ever ate.
Guy8/21/04 0:00128g / 4.52ozMore scandals in the olympics today. I hate olympian scandals.
Eric8/21/04 0:0070.87g / 2.5oz"Shit on a shingle (with plenty of shit - dried beef, I mean, in case there was any confusion)."
Eric8/21/04 0:00141.75g / 5oz"Couple of generous ladles-full of sloppy joe. These weren't conies, a distinction I should point out, because no hotdogs had been chopped up and added."
Guy8/21/04 0:00110g / 3.88oz"After dreaming all night of cows suffering from yeast infections, I woke up and spread yeast extract on beef, in the hopes that it would all become better."
Eric8/22/04 0:00300.5g / 10.6ozPorterhouse.
Guy8/22/04 0:00160g / 5.64ozBreakfast. Plain and simple.
Eric8/22/04 0:00226.8g / 8ozNice big breakfast of chicken-fried steak at a local restaurant.
Guy8/22/04 0:00315g / 11.11ozI made another roast beef for the family. I'm getting better at it every time.
Guy8/23/04 0:00220g / 7.76oz"Breakfast steak. Very cartoony, but delicious nonetheless."
Eric8/23/04 0:00263.65g / 9.3oz"This ribeye had been forgotten in the refrigerator to thaw out, lonely, for 3 days. Still tasted good. Is sadness a preservative?"
Guy8/23/04 0:00125g / 4.41ozMy wife brought me lunch. What a sweetie.
Guy8/23/04 0:00193g / 6.81ozAnother half pound burger from the chippy. You think McDonald's invented the double QP?
Eric8/23/04 0:00141.75g / 5ozCorned beef special for lunch.
Guy8/24/04 0:00115g / 4.06ozJust another snack. Eric's slaughter of an innocent cow really got me energized. I feel like a new man.
Guy8/24/04 0:00135g / 4.76ozBreakfast. I'm not going to bother describing it again.
Guy8/24/04 0:00155g / 5.47oz"After reading about Eric killing a cow, I just had to have some meat myself."
Eric8/24/04 0:00496.12g / 17.5ozI couldn't help myself. I ate and ate and ate the skirt steak until it hurt. Then I ate a tiny bit more.
Guy8/24/04 0:00116g / 4.09ozLunch roll.
Guy8/24/04 0:0038g / 1.34oz"It looked so lonely, I just had to eat it"
Guy8/25/04 0:00135g / 4.76oz"I found it hanging outside, so I ate it. I hope that's ok."
Guy8/25/04 0:00226g / 7.97ozI caniggia help myself
Eric8/25/04 0:0028.35g / 1ozLunch - 2 hotdogs.
Guy8/25/04 0:00150g / 5.29ozI had to suffer a barrage of questions about this one.
Guy8/25/04 0:00120g / 4.23oz"2 milestones, more meat."
Guy8/25/04 0:0065g / 2.29oz"Officially sanctioned dinner. I thought I was gonna get Kepler's too, but then he decicded he was hungry after all."
Guy8/26/04 0:00105g / 3.7ozHomemade handpatted meatball slop.
Guy8/26/04 0:00216g / 7.62oz"Hello, and welcome to Just a Minute (Steak)!"
Guy8/26/04 0:00130g / 4.59ozIf Cezanne were a meatlover...
Guy8/26/04 0:00180g / 6.35ozRoast beef may be the cure for baldness!
Eric8/26/04 0:00255.15g / 9ozCelebrated a colleague's b-day with a skirt steak sandwich.
Guy8/27/04 0:00180g / 6.35oz"G'night, John Boy!"
Eric8/27/04 0:00141.75g / 5ozNice big corned beef on rye.
Guy8/27/04 0:00130g / 4.59ozBreakfast. The usual.
Guy8/27/04 0:00130g / 4.59ozA butchershop fulla Mackenzies
Guy8/28/04 0:00200g / 7.05ozI'd almost forgotten what beef cooked by other people tasted like.
Eric8/28/04 0:0090.72g / 3.2ozDried chipped beef eaten right out of the bag. Made me kinda thirsty.
Guy8/28/04 0:00145g / 5.11oz"No one felt like cooking dinner, so we had sandwiches."
Eric8/28/04 0:0082.21g / 2.9ozCreamed chipped beef on toast.
Guy8/28/04 0:00155g / 5.47ozA little beefy pick-me-up with my morning coffee.
Guy8/28/04 0:0094g / 3.32oz"It would have been more, but I shared it with my wife."
Eric8/28/04 0:0036.85g / 1.3ozDrief chipped beef sprinkled generously over a slice of Giordano's stuffed spinach pizza. Quite good.
Guy8/29/04 0:00198g / 6.98ozGorgeous filet steak. What a way to start the day! Must be a Sunday.
Eric8/29/04 0:00300.5g / 10.6oz"Ribeyes come in all shapes and sizes. Well, actually they don't,. I can't tell them apart. But each one is good."
Guy8/29/04 0:0094g / 3.32ozTongue sandwich for lunch. With mustard and mayo. Must be Sunday.
Guy8/29/04 0:0094g / 3.32ozTongue sandwich for a preprandial snack. With mustard and mayo. Must be Sunday.
Guy8/30/04 0:00144g / 5.08ozEyeball scabs. Yummy
Eric8/30/04 0:00170.1g / 6oz"Burrito burrito burrito. Actually one of them, but this is getting redundant."
Guy8/30/04 0:00145g / 5.11ozLunchy sandwichy scrumptch.
Eric8/30/04 0:00274.99g / 9.7ozRibeye. Now there's a meal for you.
Guy8/31/04 0:00198g / 6.98oz"Fillet Breakfast. No bones, it's just too early for bones."
Eric8/31/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozYet another Poppy's steak burrito in a long line of Poppy's steak burritos stretching backward and forward in time.
Guy8/31/04 0:00115g / 4.06oz"I offered some to the cows, but they only snorted at me."
Guy8/31/04 0:00110g / 3.88ozHey Rocky! Watch me pull a huge bag of beef out of my shirt!
Guy9/1/04 0:00100g / 3.53ozWandering lonely on the beach with some beef
Guy9/1/04 0:00114g / 4.02oz"My wife supplied the meat, I supplied the mustard."
Eric9/1/04 0:00232.47g / 8.2ozSir Loin was the guest of honor at my table tonight. And then I went and ate him.
Guy9/1/04 0:00145g / 5.11ozSide by side snacks in bed. Isnt' it cute?
Eric9/1/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozExtra-meat burrito from Poppy's.
Guy9/1/04 0:00195g / 6.88ozA pinch and a punch.
Eric9/2/04 0:0042.52g / 1.5oz"Half of a shriveled, refrigerated Philly's cheesesteak."
Guy9/2/04 0:00141.75g / 5ozFrigate steak pie.
Guy9/2/04 0:00102g / 3.6ozA nice steakburger for lunch. I'm on my own today.
Guy9/2/04 0:00102g / 3.6ozmy second burger. Kepler didn't want it.
Eric9/2/04 0:00170.1g / 6oz"My typical lunch. It was meaty, wrapped in a flour tortilla, and dry. Guess what it was? Grilled Kittens? No. I had a steak burrito, you sicko."
Guy9/2/04 0:0065g / 2.29ozgreasy yucky beef.
Guy9/2/04 0:00270g / 9.52ozcouple of evening snacky-poos
Guy9/3/04 0:00135g / 4.76ozI admit it. I live in fear.
Guy9/3/04 0:00135g / 4.76oz"I was so happy with my blood test results, I went right to the butchershop to share the good news with him."
Guy9/3/04 0:00390g / 13.76oz3 vacupaks. pixar is really cool.
Eric9/3/04 0:00141.75g / 5ozHecky's single serving of barbecue beef on a bun. Why single serving? Because I'm not a glutton.
Eric9/3/04 0:0099.22g / 3.5oz"Beef Panang for lunch. Not a lot of beef. But that's ok, because I'm not a glutton."
Guy9/4/04 0:00450g / 15.87ozHooray for Grandma! Hooray for the Baron!
Eric9/4/04 0:00343.03g / 12.1ozMy first taste of my steer: hamburgers. Shit damn it was good meat! Why oh why didn't I do this before???
Guy9/4/04 0:00260g / 9.17ozNaptime is the snack time.
Guy9/4/04 0:00141.75g / 5ozSteak pie at the Frigate.
Eric9/4/04 1:00252.31g / 8.9oz"Skirt steak from my steer. If I hadn't killed the steer, I wouldn't be eating this skirt steak. A rather profound thought, don't you think?"
Guy9/5/04 0:00102g / 3.6ozSteakburger. Naptime is a time of tranquility in the house.
Eric9/5/04 0:00141.75g / 5oz"Bombay Palace offered a dish called ""Frontier Beef"". I assume they were referring to Pakistan's Northwest Frontier Province, but this meat was probably ten times more succulent than the rangy, thin cows from that area."
Guy9/5/04 0:00145g / 5.11ozI think my famly is catching on to my eating habits.
Guy9/5/04 0:00102g / 3.6ozyickle pickle pop
Guy9/5/04 0:00145g / 5.11oz"breakfast? I'll have the usual, thanks."
Guy9/6/04 0:00102g / 3.6ozA delicious and pastoral burger on a beautiful and pastoral dish.
Guy9/6/04 0:00102g / 3.6ozThose pastoral scottish dishes sure can hold more than one burger!
Guy9/6/04 0:00325g / 11.46oznow I lay me down to sleep with a happy heart and a pile of beef.
Guy9/6/04 0:00141.75g / 5ozpossibly the last in a long series of delicious frigate steak and gravy pies.
Eric9/6/04 0:0082.21g / 2.9ozAnother creamed chipped beef breakfast. I never get tired of it.
Eric9/6/04 1:00238.14g / 8.4ozSupped on burgers for Labor Day dinner.
Guy9/7/04 0:00102g / 3.6oz"Just a hamburger for breakfast. The lowly, common, hamburger."
Guy9/7/04 0:00102g / 3.6ozSteakburgers are so good; who can stop at one?
Guy9/7/04 0:00102g / 3.6oz"3's a charm. for burgers, anyway."
Eric9/7/04 0:00119.07g / 4.2ozHamburger for breakfast. There's nothing like waking up to flame-broiled meat.
Guy9/7/04 0:00193g / 6.81ozChippy double burger. Fried but not deepfried.
Eric9/7/04 1:0085.05g / 3ozLeftover Beef Panang.
Eric9/7/04 2:00379.88g / 13.4ozOrganic sirloin from a pasture-raised cow tastes wholly unlike non-organic sirloin from a factory-farmed cow. Guess which one tastes better?
Guy9/8/04 0:00140g / 4.94ozJust as I thought: B-Day is upon us!
Guy9/8/04 0:0090g / 3.17ozVery delicious Japanese food with Max. And tiny too!
Guy9/8/04 0:00155g / 5.47ozScheming on the airplane
Eric9/8/04 0:00280.66g / 9.9ozFor lunch there were leftover bits: sirloin and hamburger.
Guy9/8/04 0:00140g / 4.94ozMy first flight of the day. With Beef.
Guy9/8/04 0:00150g / 5.29ozA man's gotta eat breakfast after all.
Guy9/8/04 0:00140g / 4.94ozcelebrating B-Day with beef.
Guy9/8/04 0:00140g / 4.94ozI'm having some sneaky suspicions. Best quell it with beef.
Guy9/8/04 0:0085.05g / 3ozA sort of diappointing New York roast beef sandwich
Eric9/8/04 0:0059.53g / 2.1oz"Drief beef: some spread on a salad, some popped straight into mouth."
Eric9/8/04 1:00405.4g / 14.3ozSecond of two sirloin steaks from yesterday. I saved the big one for last.
Guy9/9/04 0:00212.62g / 7.5ozBeef Rendang. Malay-American style
Eric9/9/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozDear Poppy: Please help me win BeefStakes!
Guy9/9/04 0:00393g / 13.86oz"Beautiful filet at the Strip House with Max. Sounds like a burlesque club, but the meat served at this place was way healthier."
Guy9/9/04 0:0095g / 3.35ozBeef Satay with Rick
Guy9/9/04 0:00213g / 7.51oz"The second course, they served rendang again!"
Eric9/9/04 1:0090.72g / 3.2ozCouldn't help but eat a gob of dried beef. The salty meat made me thirsty. Where's some blood when I really need it?
Eric9/9/04 2:00413.9g / 14.6oz"Oops - my prized organic sirloin hadn't thawed out, so I had to rush to the store for 2 non-organic strip steaks. Even tainted, they still taste good."
Guy9/10/04 0:00200g / 7.05ozVery nice burger at Max's house
Eric9/10/04 0:00187.11g / 6.6oz"For lunch, the remainder of an altogether delightful strip steak dinner."
Guy9/10/04 0:00204g / 7.2oz"It was a pretty good steak I guess, just a little small."
Eric9/10/04 1:00161.59g / 5.7oz"I cooked Samina a skirt steak dinner before going out to eat some more beef. When served, some of her meat was missing. Guess where it went?"
Eric9/10/04 2:00226.8g / 8ozI went to Fuddruckers a half hour before closing time and ordered the 2/3 lb burger. I figure it cooked down to about a half. My dinner companion agreed.
Eric9/11/04 0:0090.72g / 3.2ozSat down with some salt beef. Only one of us got back up.
Guy9/11/04 0:00215g / 7.58oz"Accurately weighed, and the numbers are working for me."
Guy9/11/04 0:00196g / 6.91ozDinner at Alexis' house... skirt steak!
Guy9/11/04 0:00180g / 6.35ozOut-Beef-Eating Max... but that's not news.
Guy9/11/04 0:00146g / 5.15ozYummy steak as a side-dish at Alexis' house.
Eric9/11/04 0:0085.05g / 3oz"I wasn't the only one who participated in the beef kill this summer. Jay, also a beneficiary of my slaughter, served me beef sausage pizza for dinner. Imagine that, my young Belted Galloway resting, sausagely, in a pizza pie."
Guy9/11/04 0:00195g / 6.88ozBreakfast Burger chez Max
Guy9/12/04 0:00326.02g / 11.5ozHappy Birthday Jerry!
Eric9/12/04 0:0099.22g / 3.5oz"Punjabi beef burrito. Not a lot of meat, but what meat there was, was good."
Guy9/12/04 0:00171g / 6.03ozA loogie-burger. Mmmmmm. Mmmmmmucus.
Eric9/12/04 0:00150.25g / 5.3ozRemains of a skirt steak dinner from 2 days ago.
Guy9/13/04 0:00141.75g / 5oz"Leftovers, gnawed and devoured as I blog"
Eric9/13/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozPoppy's steak burrito. I envision a day simply brimming with burritos.
Guy9/13/04 0:00198.45g / 7ozBreakfast at our Most Esteemed Adjudicator's favorite diner.
Guy9/13/04 0:00111g / 3.92ozSmoked meat re-enters my life. Yippee
Guy9/13/04 0:00111g / 3.92ozSome very nice smoked beef I found in New York. Can you believe such a thing?
Eric9/13/04 2:00198.45g / 7oz"2 Pubjabi beef burritos at mother-in-law's house. Wait, that makes 3 burritos in one day! Is it a record?"
Eric9/13/04 3:00161.59g / 5.7oz"Remembered, after dinner, that a sirloin was sitting, slowly marinating, in my fridge. Took it out, grilled it, ate about half."
Guy9/14/04 0:00320g / 11.29ozA coupla rib-eyes to supplement the skirt steak
Eric9/14/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozPoppy's steak burrito w/ extra meat for lunch.
Guy9/14/04 0:00111g / 3.92oz"The best breakfasts have more than one course, don't you think?"
Guy9/14/04 0:00185g / 6.53ozBurgers. They aren't just for lunch and dinner anymore.
Guy9/14/04 0:00175g / 6.17ozTesselated vortices of beeeeeeeeeef
Guy9/14/04 0:00160g / 5.64ozSkirt steak a la Judge
Eric9/14/04 0:00226.8g / 8ozCheese Steak Factory - crispy spicy beef. I asked for extra beef. They said they would have to charge extra. I said ok. They didn't do either.
Guy9/14/04 0:00140g / 4.94ozSpectacular sliced roast london broil. Not even in London!
Guy9/15/04 0:00170g / 6ozA last burger before heading to the airport.
Guy9/15/04 0:00200g / 7.05ozAn all-american DQP with C at JFK
Guy9/15/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozAt long last: Airplane Beef!
Eric9/15/04 0:00170.1g / 6oz"Poppy's again for lunch. Yet again, the same delectable extra-beef steak burrito."
Eric9/15/04 1:00181.44g / 6.4ozDinner was the remains of a sirloin meal from a couple days past.
Eric9/16/04 0:00170.1g / 6oz"To much critical acclaim, Poppy's extra-meat steak burrito reprised its often-reprised lunch-time role."
Eric9/16/04 1:00260.82g / 9.2oz"Corned beef out of a can. Looked like shit, but tasted slightly better."
Guy9/17/04 0:0050g / 1.76ozBresaola is so easy to get ahold of!
Eric9/17/04 0:00141.75g / 5oz"Aunt Odie's (soul food) pot roast for lunch. Pretty good, if a bit fatty."
Guy9/17/04 0:0055g / 1.94oz"It passes for a breakfast bagel because we're not in New York. There, it would have been discarded as a mistake."
Guy9/17/04 0:00353g / 12.45oz"Aberdeen Steakhouse, looking for Max."
Eric9/17/04 1:0087.88g / 3.1ozCreamed chipped beef on toast for dinner.
Guy9/18/04 0:00242g / 8.54ozNeon Salt Beef
Eric9/18/04 0:00141.75g / 5oz"Philly's cheesesteak, loaded with meat, consumed soon after landing in Philadelphia on a visit to my parents."
Guy9/18/04 0:0075g / 2.65ozSnacking. Beeef beef beeef.
Guy9/18/04 0:00650g / 22.93ozA massive gorgeous fantasy roasta-gorgea-thon.
Guy9/19/04 0:00320g / 11.29ozBig Beefy Brekky with YT and SW.
Eric9/19/04 0:0085.05g / 3ozFor breakfast - samples of the beef roast that has been cooking since before dawn for my parent's anniversary party.
Eric9/19/04 1:00453.59g / 16ozLate lunch - extremely generous portions of roast beef top round.
Eric9/19/04 2:00226.8g / 8ozFor dinner - as much leftover beef that I could stuff into my mouth.
Eric9/20/04 0:00215.46g / 7.6ozCan't get enough cheesesteak. Thawed out and cooked a whole package of cheesesteaks for dinner.
Guy9/20/04 0:00605g / 21.34ozCouple of Angus steaks. No Max.
Eric9/20/04 0:00141.75g / 5ozLunch - A well-meated Philly's cheesesteak in the airport.
Guy9/21/04 0:00153.09g / 5.4ozLondon's best burger
Eric9/21/04 0:0028.35g / 1ozDon't know how much beef is in these 2 beef and bean burritos. But I figure a half-ounce in each might be about right.
Guy9/21/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozBeef noodles in london. My last dinner in the UK before heading out to France.
Guy9/22/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozA surprisingly good airport roast beef sandwich.
Guy9/22/04 0:00100g / 3.53ozSteak and Kidney pie. I do love England.
Guy9/22/04 0:00252g / 8.89ozStill looking for max. Still not finding him.
Eric9/22/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozHello Poppy.
Guy9/23/04 0:00320g / 11.29ozcarpaccio and steack frites. I'm liking france already.
Eric9/23/04 1:00170.1g / 6ozPoppy's double-fleshy burrito for lunch.
Eric9/23/04 1:00170.1g / 6oz"6 generous slices of thick roast beef for dinner while at a friend's, roughly 1 oz each."
Guy9/24/04 0:0090g / 3.17ozOf the Art and the Pig. Are you crazy for pig? This is the right place.
Eric9/24/04 0:0099.22g / 3.5ozPunjabi beef at me mum-in-law's.
Guy9/24/04 0:00300g / 10.58ozA brazilian meal. That's a fancy synonym for beef.
Eric9/25/04 0:00198.45g / 7oz"More Punjabi beefs (one for breakfast, one for dinner)."
Eric9/25/04 0:00226.8g / 8oz"Lunch out was a nice 8 oz filet (they call it ten, but it must've shrunk a little from the looks of it)"
Guy9/25/04 0:00454g / 16.01ozbeautiful French beef. sauteed with mushrooms.
Eric9/26/04 0:00198.45g / 7oz"Again, 2 Punjabi beefs for lunch and dinner"
Guy9/26/04 0:0098g / 3.46ozair-cured beef for breakfast? j'adore la france.
Guy9/26/04 0:0095g / 3.35oz"same breakfast, different air cured beef. really."
Guy9/27/04 0:00350g / 12.35ozsteak at a seafood joint? who'd'a guessed?!
Eric9/27/04 0:00198.45g / 7ozGetting a little sick of these Punjabi beefs. 2 for lunch.
Eric9/27/04 0:00144.58g / 5.1oz"Homemade roast beef sandwich for dinner. Deli meat isn't all that good, but it'll do in a pinch."
Guy9/27/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozTwo very cute Cheeseburgers.
Guy9/28/04 0:00310g / 10.93ozA whole pile more viande de grissons.
Eric9/28/04 0:00170.1g / 6oz"I was really hungry for lunch, and Poppy's came to the rescue. Again."
Guy9/28/04 0:0088g / 3.1ozMore air-cured beef. Snack-time after all.
Eric9/28/04 1:00150.25g / 5.3ozStacked corned beef for dinner.
Eric9/29/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozYou'd think I'd get tired of Poppy's by now. But you'd be wrong.
Guy9/29/04 0:00160g / 5.64ozSpectacular dinner at Kepler's first 5-star. Quelle adventure!
Eric9/29/04 1:00266.49g / 9.4oz"Arm Roast for dinner, courtesy of my Young Belted Galloway"
Eric9/30/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozHad a headache this a.m. Lunched on Poppy's. Felt much better. Does beef contain aspirin?
Guy9/30/04 0:00500g / 17.64ozSome of the best roast beef I've had in some time.
Eric9/30/04 1:00232.47g / 8.2oz"Nice arm roast for dinner. Even as a leftover, and even as a lesser cut, my Young Belted Galloway beats the competition."
Guy10/1/04 0:00214g / 7.55ozPanes of the windows from the stained-glass church of beef.
Eric10/1/04 0:00113.4g / 4oz"A big slab of gravied meatloaf at a local soul-food restaurant for lunch. I can't tell how much beef was in it, so you'll have to settle for this guess."
Guy10/1/04 0:00320g / 11.29ozA big juicy steak cooked on a real wood fire in the park.
Eric10/1/04 1:00238.14g / 8.4oz"More arm roast for dinner. Still succulent, three days later."
Eric10/2/04 0:0053.86g / 1.9oz"Shit on a shingle. Kind of a slim in weight, but every bit counts in BeefStakes. Every salty, beefy, shitty bit."
Guy10/2/04 0:00280g / 9.88ozViande de grissons from the local saturday market.
Eric10/2/04 1:00311.84g / 11ozDinner at a wedding - 2 rice beef balls and a nice tenderloin.
Guy10/3/04 0:00225g / 7.94ozyour artisan butcher guarantees the quality and provenance of the meat.
Guy10/3/04 0:00271g / 9.56ozgorgeous faux-filet. avec champignons.
Eric10/4/04 0:00141.75g / 5ozA fair to middlin' steak sandwich for lunch
Guy10/4/04 0:00270g / 9.52oz"the naked chef, c'est moi."
Guy10/5/04 0:00265g / 9.35ozSteack Hachee.
Eric10/5/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozI wonder how many prions I ate in all of these Poppy's double-meat burritos. Let's hope they get their meat from Australia.
Guy10/5/04 0:00202g / 7.13ozA pair of breakfast burgers. One with cheese.
Guy10/5/04 0:00202g / 7.13ozA genuine voodoo meat puppet of my opponent. It tasted like pain. Which is good.
Guy10/6/04 0:00205g / 7.23ozEasy steak lunch. France is a beef-eating breeze.
Guy10/6/04 0:00204g / 7.2oz"Some burgers with condiments. Take a lesson, Eric. Enjoy life."
Guy10/6/04 0:00106g / 3.74oz"An egg on a burger for breakfast. What, me worry?"
Eric10/6/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozToday I had deja vu when I walked into this new restaurant called Poppy's. I think the cashier had deja vu as well.
Eric10/6/04 1:0082.21g / 2.9oz"When Samina makes lasagna for a work party, and I get one measly cheeseburger out of the leftover meat, it's at least one measly cheeseburger more than I expected."
Eric10/6/04 2:00187.11g / 6.6ozStew roast for dinner.
Eric10/7/04 0:00170.1g / 6oz"I was practically too pooped for Poppy's, but I dragged myself out of the office and got some anyway. Good decision in retrospect."
Guy10/7/04 0:00474g / 16.72ozA heaping pile of burger meat served throughout the day.
Guy10/8/04 0:00135g / 4.76ozSteack hachee for dinner: a celebration of life.
Guy10/8/04 0:00135g / 4.76ozThe egg rose over the burger like a landscape.
Eric10/8/04 0:0085.05g / 3oz"I estimate that each of these 3 White Castle cheeseburger sliders for breakfast weigh about an ounce of meat. Almost not worth logging, but who knows how much 3 ounces will be worth at year's end?"
Guy10/8/04 0:00135g / 4.76oz"Another burger for lunch. Somehow, though, they taste better when you call the Steack Hachee."
Eric10/8/04 1:00198.45g / 7oz"2 Punjabi beefs for lunch, straight out of my tiffin."
Eric10/9/04 0:00170.1g / 6oz"Can't beat the sweet taste of Poppy's. Unless, of course, you're talking about real food."
Guy10/9/04 0:0040g / 1.41ozToreau sausage. Tasted like sausage.
Guy10/9/04 0:00350g / 12.35ozA couple of butter-sauteed steaks. Those outdoor markets make me hungry.
Guy10/10/04 0:005g / 0.18ozFailed attempt at a large-scale meat voodoo puppet of eric.
Guy10/10/04 0:00230g / 8.11ozOur first restaurant meal in some time. Nice to get out of the house.
Eric10/10/04 0:00170.1g / 6oz"This BBQ beef sandwich meat, dissected and weighed on a scale at home, contained a fair amount of sauce, so I knocked off a few ounces just to be fair."
Guy10/11/04 0:00130g / 4.59ozFast food in the big city. Everything there apparently comes with an adjective.
Eric10/11/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozPoppy's again.
Guy10/11/04 0:00202g / 7.13ozThe cows around here aren't young belted galloways. they're Auracs. and they taste good.
Guy10/12/04 0:00220g / 7.76oz"brasserie lunch in Nimes. horrible, actually."
Eric10/12/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozPoppy's is making so much money off of me.
Guy10/12/04 0:00231g / 8.15oz"sirloin, butter, garlic."
Guy10/12/04 0:00130g / 4.59ozanother egg'n'burger brekky.
Eric10/13/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozWhy not make it Poppy's?
Guy10/13/04 0:00265g / 9.35oz"Very nice dinner, although I enjoyed it alone."
Guy10/14/04 0:00197g / 6.95ozThe dinner of champignons.
Eric10/14/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozPoppy's did it again.
Guy10/14/04 0:00131g / 4.62oz"Another lunchburger. This time, to relieve the monotony, I used balsamic vinegar."
Guy10/14/04 0:00262g / 9.24oz"Couple of burgers for lunch. Sorry for all the repetition, but at least they weren't shamikabobs."
Guy10/15/04 0:00160g / 5.64oz"Beef before a bullfight. Predictable, I know."
Eric10/15/04 0:00198.45g / 7oz2 Punjabi beefs to mark the beginning of the month of fasting.
Guy10/15/04 0:00343g / 12.1ozRoasted a beautiful wonk of beef. It was a very bovine sort of day.
Eric10/15/04 1:00269.32g / 9.5ozPolished off 2 shami kabobs and a Punjabi beef for dinner.
Eric10/16/04 0:00524.47g / 18.5oz4 shami kabobs and 1 Punjabi beef pre-dawn and after-sunset.
Guy10/17/04 0:00197g / 6.95ozAnother dinner of champignons. I bought in bulk.
Guy10/17/04 0:00288g / 10.16ozSeeping bloody goodness.
Eric10/17/04 0:00425.24g / 15ozA total of 5 shami kabobs in the dark.
Guy10/18/04 0:0040g / 1.41ozToro toro toro. In sausage form.
Eric10/18/04 0:00340.19g / 12oz"2 shamis before fasting, 2 after."
Guy10/18/04 0:00284g / 10.02ozI watched the guy cut this piece of meat from a whole carcass.
Guy10/18/04 0:00284g / 10.02oz"A medium-tasty experimental hodge-podge, including beef."
Guy10/19/04 0:00274g / 9.67ozA couple of very well-wrapped burgers.
Eric10/19/04 0:00340.19g / 12ozDay's total was 4 shamis.
Guy10/20/04 0:00446g / 15.73ozI can't believe I ate the whole thing. Oh wait. It was easy. Forget it.
Guy10/20/04 0:00350g / 12.35oz"The knife arrived before the food, and I knew I was in for a treat."
Eric10/20/04 0:00340.19g / 12ozStocking up on shami kabobs was a good idea.
Eric10/21/04 0:00368.54g / 13ozBreakfast - 2 shamis. Dinner - 2 Punjabi beefs.
Guy10/21/04 0:00270g / 9.52oz"Cleaning out the fridge, I discovered beef."
Eric10/22/04 0:00277.83g / 9.8oz2 shamis and some thai beef.
Guy10/22/04 0:00455g / 16.05ozMagnificent presentation of the cooking fat.
Eric10/23/04 0:00439.42g / 15.5oz4 shamis and 1 Punjabi beef.
Guy10/23/04 0:00153g / 5.4oz"A cheeseburger. Not kosher, but it's ramadan, not passover."
Eric10/24/04 0:00255.15g / 9oz"Had 2 shamis pre-dawn, 3 White Castle sliders after the sun mercifully sank below the horizon."
Guy10/24/04 0:00250g / 8.82ozEvery restaurant in france serves the exact same thing.
Guy10/25/04 0:00153g / 5.4ozbeef and coffee. The beef makes it a meal. The coffee made it breakfast.
Guy10/25/04 0:00482g / 17oz"If you roast meat and then eat it alone, is it a roast, or is it just a big steak?"
Eric10/25/04 0:00263.65g / 9.3ozDay's total: cheeseburger and 2 shami kabobs.
Eric10/26/04 0:00368.54g / 13oz2 Punjabi beefs and 2 shamis
Guy10/26/04 0:00294g / 10.37oz"lunch and dinner. once brothers, then bookends."
Guy10/27/04 0:00441g / 15.56oz"It was beautiful, big, delicious. And it made me feel very very sick."
Eric10/27/04 0:00249.48g / 8.8oz"A cheeseburger and 2 shamis. Not ambitious, but sufficient."
Eric10/28/04 0:0099.22g / 3.5ozRan out of shami kabobs. Had to make do with a Punjabi beef instead. Will survive.
Eric10/29/04 0:00184.27g / 6.5oz3 sliders and 1 Punjabi beef.
Guy10/30/04 0:00902g / 31.82oz"If this is iftar, I love iftar."
Eric10/30/04 0:00340.19g / 12ozConsumed multiple kufta kabobs at a party tonight.
Eric10/31/04 0:00464.93g / 16.4ozNice chuck roast from one Young Belted Galloway.
Eric11/1/04 0:00345.86g / 12.2ozMy first sirloin steak in a great while. Fantastic meal.
Guy11/1/04 0:00141g / 4.97oz"A breakfast burger. Pinch, punch."
Eric11/2/04 0:00204.12g / 7.2oz"2 hamburgers, sans catsup."
Guy11/2/04 0:0085g / 3ozBeef samosas with Wolf Blitzer.
Guy11/2/04 0:00141g / 4.97ozElection day breakfast. Meat.
Guy11/2/04 0:00117g / 4.13ozMcDonald's in Montpellier. It's raining outside.
Eric11/3/04 0:00161.59g / 5.7oz2 cheeseburgers for dinner.
Guy11/3/04 0:00717g / 25.29ozA very substantial snack. Roasted.
Eric11/4/04 0:0085.05g / 3oz3 sliders after work. it's sad when 3 whole hamburgers don't total more than a couple of mouths full of meat.
Guy11/4/04 0:00454g / 16.01oz"Yet another roast, hacked apart and ready for my solitary consumption."
Eric11/5/04 0:00493.28g / 17.4oz"A particularly decadent morning and evening, with a large cheeseburger and 2 plump ribeyes."
Guy11/5/04 0:00454g / 16.01oz"Like abu ghraraib, but beef."
Guy11/6/04 0:00461g / 16.26oz"When Eric said the porterhouse was the most efficient way to eat beef, he was wrong."
Guy11/7/04 0:00461g / 16.26ozThe other half of yesterday's corpse.
Eric11/7/04 0:00309.01g / 10.9oz"3 shamis for breakfast, shit on a shingle for dinner. Seems like it should've been reversed. But I'll take it."
Guy11/8/04 0:00252g / 8.89ozle 280. A new McD's sarnie.
Guy11/8/04 0:00250g / 8.82ozFour count em four plates of delicious carpaccio.
Eric11/8/04 0:00255.15g / 9oz3 shami kabobs to build up enough energy for a long day of fasting.
Eric11/9/04 0:00566.99g / 20oz"Another full morning and evening, with shamis in the a.m. and Mongolian beef in the p.m."
Guy11/10/04 0:00560g / 19.75ozRoasting British style. In Britain.
Eric11/10/04 0:00158.76g / 5.6oz2 somewhat diminuative hamburgers for dinner. I must learn to be more generous with myself.
Eric11/11/04 0:00226.8g / 8ozDinner out was a Laredo Steak with cactus sauce. Whatever.
Guy11/11/04 0:00496.12g / 17.5oz"We summited, and the battle was well met."
Guy11/11/04 0:00204.12g / 7.2ozThank you Ying Tsu for thinking of me.
Guy11/12/04 0:0056.7g / 2ozAirport bagel.
Guy11/12/04 0:00255.15g / 9ozA hurriedly slarfed room-service filet mignon.
Eric11/12/04 0:00161.59g / 5.7oz"I tried to build the biggest burger possible, but after grilling it still didn't weigh that much."
Guy11/12/04 0:00195g / 6.88ozA heaping helping of meatballs at Kurt's house.
Guy11/13/04 0:00204.12g / 7.2ozI needed diner steak'n'eggs to soothe my aching hangover.
Eric11/13/04 0:00348.7g / 12.3oz"Tried again to build the biggest burger possible. This time, got a bit bigger with 2 monsters."
Guy11/14/04 0:00255.15g / 9ozdinner at the deCastro's. They're so hospitable when it comes to beef.
Eric11/15/04 0:00467.77g / 16.5oz"Summit dinner with Guy. Had 3 burgers, 1 filet, and a half a skirt steak. Could've eaten more, but wanted to really enjoy the chocolate cake."
Eric11/16/04 0:00178.6g / 6.3oz2 cheeseburgers for dinner.
Guy11/16/04 0:00500g / 17.64ozI even made homemade Yorkshire puddings!
Eric11/16/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozBack to Poppy's again after a month without lunches. I really missed the old guy.
Guy11/16/04 0:00113.4g / 4ozA prion-filled pile of soggy roast beef.
Guy11/17/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozA burrito between sets at the green mill.
Guy11/17/04 0:00170.1g / 6oz"La Pasadita. If you don't know it, you should."
Eric11/18/04 0:00311.84g / 11oz"Hunting trip day 1: McDonalds steak egg cheese bagel for breakfast, a heap of coneys for lunch."
Guy11/18/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozPanang currry in Hyde Park.
Guy11/19/04 0:00402.56g / 14.2ozA porterhouse at the legendary Dixie Truckers' Home.
Eric11/19/04 0:00226.8g / 8oz"Hunting trip day 2: Again, an estimated 8 ounces of coneys for lunch. You need a lot of coneys in you to effectively hunt deer."
Guy11/19/04 0:00204.12g / 7.2ozA double quarter pounder with cheese. It's a transit day.
Eric11/20/04 0:00170.1g / 6oz"Hunting day 3: uh oh, we just ran out of coneys."
Guy11/20/04 0:00520g / 18.34ozI roasted for my mom. It was spectacular.
Eric11/21/04 0:00255.15g / 9oz3 shamis for dinner.
Eric11/22/04 0:0056.7g / 2ozIt took almost as much energy to type this entry as I derived from the measly 2 sliders for breakfast.
Guy11/22/04 0:00113.4g / 4ozBSt Louis Bread Company beef sandwich.
Eric11/22/04 0:00170.1g / 6oz"Roast beef for lunch from the downstairs deli. It was raining, so Poppy's seemed too far away."
Guy11/22/04 0:00204.12g / 7.2ozSteak at a brains joint. But they had no brains.
Guy11/23/04 0:00500g / 17.64ozKosher meat in a kosher house. Tasted very sacramental.
Eric11/23/04 0:00328.85g / 11.6oz"2 cheeseburgers for dinner, after a Poppy's double beef burrito for lunch. How's that for a balanced diet?"
Guy11/23/04 0:00113.4g / 4ozbresaola. even in St. Louis.
Eric11/24/04 0:00283.5g / 10ozChinese buffet beef and broccoli until it hurt.
Guy11/25/04 0:00300g / 10.58ozMy sister is so cool: she brought meat to thanksgiving dinner.
Eric11/26/04 0:00170.1g / 6oz"A couple of shami-kabobs post-Thanksgiving. Fortunately, they're beef, not turkey, so nobody else will miss them."
Eric11/27/04 0:00195.61g / 6.9oz2 cheeseburgers for dinner. I'll never get sick of these things. Want more.
Eric11/27/04 0:00255.15g / 9oz3 shamis for breakfast. I'm sick of these things. No more shamis.
Eric11/28/04 0:00102.06g / 3.6ozOne sad leftover cheeseburger. Perhaps he'll find his friends in my GI tract.
Eric11/28/04 1:00360.04g / 12.7ozSkirt steak for dinner. One of the best meals I've had in days.
Eric11/29/04 0:00209.79g / 7.4oz"A big home-made roast beef sandwich (some of the weight logged represents the meat that wouldn't fit in the sandwich, and which was eaten separately this morning)."
Eric11/29/04 0:00289.17g / 10.2oz"Roast beef (dinner) characterized by my wife as ""one honking big piece of meat""."
Eric11/30/04 0:00206.95g / 7.3ozRoast beef sandwich. Good stuff.
Guy11/30/04 0:00151.1g / 5.33oz"A very nice cheddar-burger at the Fatted Calf. Eric is a fool. Not that those two statements are connected, yet somehow both are relevant."
Eric12/1/04 0:00283.5g / 10oz"A gob of home-cooked beef and broccoli. The beef weight is estimated, as I didn't feel like separating it out from the mess."
Guy12/1/04 0:00204.12g / 7.2oz"I drove through McDonald's today. I'm not proud of it, but I'll take the grams."
Guy12/2/04 0:00283.5g / 10oz"A pair of delicious filets, courtesy of my dad."
Eric12/2/04 0:0059.53g / 2.1ozCreamed chipped beef on toast for breakfast. Quite a bit better than cornflakes.
Eric12/2/04 0:00354.37g / 12.5oz"Chicken-fried steak with peas, mashed taters and gravy. And plenty of it."
Eric12/3/04 0:00113.4g / 4oz"Poppy's ripped me off today: skimpy meat, burnt to a crisp."
Guy12/3/04 0:00151g / 5.33oz"I love that Kosher Burger and it's old world taste. No young belted galloway is gonna capture that feeling, no way."
Eric12/4/04 0:00223.96g / 7.9ozLeftover chicken-fried steak for brunch. Plus taters in gravy.
Guy12/4/04 0:00550g / 19.4ozDinner at Jaron's house again. I like Kosher meat. It tastes sacramental.
Eric12/4/04 1:00328.85g / 11.6oz"3 burgers, draped with double gloucester cheese."
Guy12/5/04 0:001g / 0.04oz"Some very delicious matzoh-ball soup, Mutti style."
Eric12/6/04 0:00490.45g / 17.3oz"Total for the day: one hamburger, one cheeseburger, and the last of the Belted Galloway ribeyes. Sigh."
Eric12/7/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozKinda puny habachi steak at Ichiban's Japanese Steakhouse for lunch.
Guy12/7/04 0:00141.75g / 5oz"A delicious lunch with my dad. Roast beef, horseradish sauce, you name it."
Eric12/7/04 1:00221.13g / 7.8ozWhole lotta taco meat. Plus some tacos.
Guy12/8/04 0:00141.75g / 5ozA bbq brisket sandwich in the boat house with Buzz. Hi Buzz!
Eric12/8/04 0:00351.53g / 12.4ozPoppy's for lunch and 2 home-cooked hamburgers for dinner. Guess which tasted better?
Eric12/9/04 0:00141.75g / 5ozHoliday party lunch consisted of 5 oz roast beef. I didn't more than that because the meat looked shiny.
Guy12/9/04 0:00141.75g / 5oz"Another 5 oz sandwich, this time over a very different kind of lunch."
Eric12/9/04 0:00340.19g / 12oz"At a dinner meeting, I gorged on Peruvian shishkabobs and some sort of potato/beef pastry. Altogether a productive meeting, from the beef standpoint at least."
Guy12/9/04 0:00306.17g / 10.8ozNew York is almost a magnificent city as it is a strip.
Guy12/10/04 0:00340g / 11.99ozJaron and Jenny's revisited. Good beef.
Guy12/10/04 0:00204.12g / 7.2oz"Two delicious 4-ounce burgers, plus another for my son. The family that dines together shlines together."
Eric12/10/04 0:00396.89g / 14oz"Corned beef sandwich for lunch, kuftakabob sandwich for dinner. Threw in a couple of kibbe, and I had myself a pretty meaty day."
Guy12/11/04 0:00113.4g / 4oz"What am I, chopped liver?"
Eric12/11/04 0:00226.8g / 8oz"The day's yield: 2 beef kibbe and 1 reuben, both procured while eating out."
Guy12/11/04 0:00153.09g / 5.4ozNever eat in a mall. Especially if the entire interior space is mad of marble the color of smoked salmon.
Guy12/11/04 0:00306.17g / 10.8oz"Geoff came over, and we grilled a series of burgers."
Guy12/12/04 0:00425.24g / 15oz"Pulled BBQ beef. Happy bday, Jared!"
Eric12/12/04 0:00354.37g / 12.5ozDay's total: three and a half shami kabobs and a leftover kibbe.
Guy12/12/04 0:00204.12g / 7.2oz"DQPwC. In Dwight, IL. No more McDonalds. Maybe even ever."
Eric12/13/04 0:0085.05g / 3ozPolished off three-fifths of a Philly's cheesesteak for dinner.
Eric12/13/04 0:0099.22g / 3.5ozLeftover cheeseburger for lunch.
Guy12/13/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozBreakfast with Thor. Saturated with age-old grease. Thank god for grease.
Eric12/14/04 0:00141.75g / 5ozLunch: Reuben a la Elliot's Deli.
Guy12/14/04 0:0028.35g / 1oz"Disgusting Mongolian Beef from a local Chinese delivery joint in Blythesville AR. So horrible, I threw most of it away. Not that the crab rangoon was much better."
Guy12/14/04 0:00226.8g / 8oz"I didn't takhomasak, but still: In sight, it was right."
Eric12/14/04 0:00277.83g / 9.8oz"Savored a nice leftover hamburger while preparing tonight's ""Skillet Sensations"" steak and potato meal. The hamburger, still cold, was definitely better."
Guy12/14/04 0:00113.4g / 4oz"I know I said I wasn't going to eat any more jerky, but sometimes, we retailor our tactics to suit a situation."
Guy12/15/04 0:00408.23g / 14.4oz"Old Hickory Steak House, Columbus MS. Who knew?"
Eric12/15/04 0:00229.63g / 8.1ozTacos for dinner.
Guy12/15/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozSteak'n'eggs at a Perkins Family Restaurant.
Guy12/16/04 0:00141.75g / 5ozpasghetti.
Guy12/16/04 0:0085.05g / 3ozmeatballs
Eric12/16/04 0:00206.95g / 7.3ozHome sick with leftover taco meat.
Guy12/16/04 0:00113.4g / 4ozLiver at Nancy's
Guy12/17/04 0:0085.05g / 3ozAcres of good waffles
Guy12/18/04 0:00175g / 6.17ozHomemade beef jerky. At least I think it was beef. might've been alligator.
Guy12/18/04 0:00113g / 3.99ozSteak po-boy. Made me feel rich.
Guy12/18/04 0:0057g / 2.01oz"Hungry, Hungry Jack. They gobble 'em down and the plate comes back for Hungry Jack."
Guy12/19/04 0:00181g / 6.38ozCheese double cheese
Guy12/19/04 0:00204.12g / 7.2ozCrabmeat chipotle hollandaise. I love all things dutch.
Guy12/20/04 0:00204.12g / 7.2ozCracker Barrel. Good side orders too.
Eric12/20/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozReuben for lunch. Not bad. Not good. At least there was a fair amount of meat in it.
Guy12/20/04 0:00362.87g / 12.8ozThe King's cut. I love prime rib.
Eric12/20/04 0:00226.8g / 8ozSupper: Boston Blackies. They said it was a half-pound burger. OK.
Eric12/21/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozLunch: Beef Panang from the Siam Anchor.
Eric12/21/04 0:00226.8g / 8ozSupper: Satay Beef Plate from Joy Yee Noodles
Eric12/22/04 0:00263.65g / 9.3ozSome more browned organic ground beef.
Eric12/22/04 0:00170.1g / 6ozProbably the last Poppy's steak burrito of the year.
Guy12/22/04 0:00395g / 13.93oz"Skirt steak. A transcendant cut of meat, don't you think?"
Guy12/23/04 0:00465g / 16.4oz"More skirt steak, marinated this time, and transcendently delicious."
Eric12/23/04 0:00170.1g / 6oz"A ""double-quarter-lber"" from McDonalds on the way home from the airport. I couldn't find a cheese-steak place fast enough. Blechh."
Guy12/23/04 0:0056.7g / 2ozA knish at the posh nosh. Yummers.
Guy12/23/04 0:00141.75g / 5ozA sandwich piled high 'Twas yummy roast beef on rye And I ate it all.
Guy12/24/04 0:00145g / 5.11ozLeftovers for breakfast. And tasty. Skirt steak is so transcendental.
Eric12/24/04 0:00226.8g / 8ozNice eye of round for breakfast at Mom and Dad's.
Eric12/24/04 0:00113.4g / 4ozSome non-vegetarian lasagna for Christmas Eve supper. Ho ho ho.
Guy12/25/04 0:00230g / 8.11oz"Leftover skirt steak, salvaged from Santa's pocket."
Eric12/27/04 0:00113.4g / 4ozPhilly's cheesesteak and some beef jerky for dinner.
Eric12/27/04 0:00141.75g / 5ozLunch: Roast beef sandwich in the airport while awaiting my plane.
Guy12/28/04 0:00450g / 15.87ozSkoit stike. Grilled it meself. I'm gonna miss this year.
Eric12/28/04 0:00141.75g / 5ozLeftover remains of a beef entree from last week.
Eric12/28/04 0:00141.75g / 5oz"Supper: ""skillet sensations"". The most significant sensation I experienced was bile rising up in my throat."
Eric12/29/04 0:00141.75g / 5ozProbably the last corned beef sandwich of the year. Make that definitely.
Guy12/29/04 0:00340.19g / 12ozMy final meal of the year with my dad. And it was beef.
Eric12/29/04 1:00170.1g / 6oz"Supped on a skirt steak sandwich this evening, courtesy of Hub's Restaurant."
Guy12/30/04 0:00165g / 5.82oz"BK Angus burger. you know how you have to wear clean undies in case you're struck by a car? Well, I hope I don't have a heart attack before I get the chance to log another meal. What a sad final legacy this would make."
Eric12/30/04 0:00198.45g / 7ozKufta kabob sandwich and 1 kibbe for lunch.
Eric12/31/04 0:00226.8g / 8oz"Supper: a nice standing rib roast. Perfectly done, a great end to the year."
Eric12/31/04 0:00141.75g / 5oz"Last burrito of the year. Not bad, actually."
Eric's total: 123023g Guy's total: 159330g